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How did you?

Just did everyone get your dogs/cats?

 Biscuit (the corgi/rat terrier mix, with the big ears Big Smile ) - I adopted her at my local animal shelter

Hank (the chihuaha/terrier something mix) - My DH found him running down a busy road. We searched for his owners for weeks, with flyers, newspaper ads, and contacting all the local vets and the shelter, and checked to see if he was microchiped. And when we didn't find his owners (and found out he had heartworms) we decided to keep him!

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Re: How did you?

  • We found Sanka on Petfinder and adopted him from a rescue in Tooele, UT.  Lexi was found on Petfinder at the local shelter.  We brought her home as a potential foster.  And then spent 5 minutes thinking about it and kept her.  Beamer was found listed on the flyer board at Smith's.  I pulled the flyer down because it made me so mad: 2 Newf puppies $100 7 year old Newf female free to a good home.  She was supposed to be a foster as well, but when I was buying tags for Sanka and Lexi that spring I bought Beamer one too.  I think the real moment she became our third dog was when I gave her the Italian collar that was too big for Lexi. 

    In my defense, neither of the girls were listed as adoptable before we decided to keep her.  And we many more fosters that we didn't keep. 

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  • We got Pasco from a friend who had adopted him from a shelter.  He was a stray.  I should clarify that this was a friend of a friend and she was rehoming him because she "didn't have time for him".  While I give her the side eye, I'm glad we got him because he's the best thing that ever happened to us! :)
  • MH was in contact with breeders for months before we got either of our dogs.

    We weren't actually going to buy a dog from Max's breeder, but Max's eye was scratched by one of his littermates at a young age, so his breeder couldn't sell him to the household he had been previously promised to. We weren't quite ready for a dog (H was in his victory lap of college and I was in grad school at the time), but he was too good of a deal (a well-bred English Cocker for the price of his plane ticket). 

    Trixie we meant to get when we did. H wanted another hunting dog, but a different style of hunting (pointing rather than flushing). We were in contact with her breeder for months ahead of time and have kept in contact with them since.

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  • I browsed through petfinder and then I found a few at the animal shelter I loved and she was one. But quite honestly I kinda forgot about her from the site until I saw her in person and I just fell in love. Shy is a wonderful dog and I love her so much. :)
  • Mickey was at the local high kill shelter.  Mr. Jenkins was at the shelter where Kellbell volunteers and she talked me into a long distance kitty adoption.  Sirius was on CL, being dumped because of a pregnancy.  We weren't sure we wanted him, but when we saw where he was living, we couldn't leave him.  By the time we got home, we knew he'd be more than a foster.
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  • Brady (Rottweiler mix) we adopted from a local no-kill shelter. He was dropped off in a box with his 3 sisters and 2 brothers with their Mama when they were just a day or two old. We took him home when he was 8 weeks old.

    I was working at a vet clinic and Bruschi (American Pit Bull Terrier) was dropped off by a man who witnessed a bunch of neighborhood punks dragging him by the leash and beating him, so he took him from them. He brought him to the vet asking us to find him a home. The vet was going to send him to the local high kill shelter, so I took him home and that was the start of my Pit Bull advocacy. He was only 8 or 9 weeks old at the time.

  • Summit showed up on a dark and stormy night, pregnant and starving on the steps of a halfway house on Summit Street in Boston.  A resident took her in and hid her until he could find a no kill shelter.  They took her in, we saw her on their website, went to meet her, and fell in lurve.

    Mitzie was kitten-napped out of the backyard of a hoarder with some littermates by the same rescue.  Summit needed a friend, so we'd been looking at one kitten in particular.  Unfortunately, he was really sick and his foster family decided to keep him until his time was up.  The rescue thought Mitzie would be a good match for Summit.  I think that's debatable, but they get along well enough and she's my baby.

    Nandi was picked up by AC in Vancouver.  They left a note on the supposed owner's door, but nobody came to claim  her.  She was overweight, spayed, housebroken, and knew general commands.  We'd contacted a pittie rescue group after another dog didn't work out for us and asked them to keep us in mind if an adult pittie who was cat friendly showed up.  The founder of the rescue volunteers at the shelter Nandi was in, and thought she might work out for us, so we went to meet her.  She was so sweet, so they pulled her from the shelter and put her into a foster home with cats to make sure she was cat safe.  She's very respectful of the cats *gigglesnort*, and now she's ours.  

  • The neighbor kids found this tiny black and white kitten in their yard.  The vet guessed 4-5 weeks old.  The parents were going to leave him!  The kids cried and I said I'd take him until they figured out what to do.  Yeah, it's been 10 years.  I had just purchased my house so it was the first time I didn't have to ask a parent/roommate/landlord about keeping a pet.  Luca was running crazy through the neighborhood.  He ran past me but the other neighbors caught him and were going to take him to the highest kill shelter in the city.  I couldn't let that happen so here we are 8 years later.  My heart kitty I found during the Race for the Cure.  Someone said "Oh look a kitty."  Of course I had to go after her.  She was my BFF for 13 years and my heart is still so broken over her.  I miss her more than words can say.
  • First, the cats...

    Linkin- MH had just come off a 32 hr shift and went to Petsmart (for turtle food, I think) and happened to walk by the cat windows...Link was sleeping in his litter box and his paragraph said he was feral for 3 yrs so he was shy and just wanted a window to sit in..MH was sold.  

     Chester- A call from a horsey friend saying she found a kitten at the barn whose whiskers were burned off from getting too close to an exhaust pipe (golf course garage is on the same property) and could barely eat.  She could not keep him so I convinced MH Link needed a buddy...he was about 5 weeks when we got him.


    Maggie and Mayem- Last 2 pups from a BYB's litter of 7...Initially I was trying to sell Mags to MH because he loves Golden Retrievers and she looked almost pure-never mind her sis looked like a chow!  When he came and saw only 2 left he couldn't separate them...


    I will include Pancho and our 3 male turtles--

    Pancho-dropped off at Petsmart in a shoebox, he was filthy and his feathers were matted together-owner said "he has spent the last nine years in a cage in a dark room-I just don't have time for him." grrrr..

    The Boys-similar manner.  Brought into us in a tiny tupperware container, all under the legal sell-able limit for water turtles.  The people had them for mos, and they will still the size of hatchlings.  Once we got their lighting situation and tank, they grew like weeds!  

    ***Sidenote*** Petsmart was awful to work at-  people dropped animals off all the time!  We had ducks, rabbits, parrots (one was let go  in our parking lot...) hamsters, rats, sick puppies and kittens (a plastic tote was dropped off in the dead of summer OUTSIDE IN FRONT OF THE STORE with THE LID CLOSED and when we opened it...6 wk old kittens clinging to had to be 120 inside the crate...they all had to be euthanized :(  My personal favorite was the litter of baby guinea pigs brought in with the excuse "we wanted to show our kids the miracle of life...but we can't keep the babies."  Way to teach the kids, dumasses! 


    Sorry so long...I get heated and can't stop! 

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  • Sarahtoledo was pretty much behind it all. 

    Ellen was a kitten from the humane society.  They did not want to adopt to a college student but ST talked them into it. 

    Frank came from our favorite antique store.   

    Suzy was from a wonderful foster mother and was adopted by us in front of a tractor store.  ST was along for the ride.

    Buttons (bless her) and Chopper were ST's fosters.

    Tinker was found in a dumpster by my neighbor.  He's the only one I can't blame on ST. 

  • The cats:

    Lucky came from a "friend" who "couldn't" keep her. I won't even get started.

    Mocha came from a local no-kill shelter, we saw him in the adoption section in petsmart and had to bring him home.

    Penny was dumped at our local humane society by idiot owners in the middle of kitten season and she's a senior. I fell in love with her on the shelter's website, went to visit her, brought her home a week later.


    The dogs:

    Roxie was adopted from a rescue as a puppy. 

    Sable was my SIL's. She was being kept chained in a back yard and was being ignored. She was a mess when we brought her home, matted and dirty and a pain in the @ss. (lol) But I love her. She was supposed to be a foster but I foster failed. 

  • We adopted Buckley from the shelter.  He bit DH, so I was lobbying for a different cat, but DH found that hilarious and endearing.  He followed us around as we looked at other cats.  So we got Buckley.  (He's still bitey.)

    We fell in love with Southpaw while volunteering at the same shelter.  She was so sweet and loved being cuddled, but took forever to get adopted because she was missing fur that never totally grew back due to frostbite damage.  She got adopted, but returned for pooping on the floor, so we decided she was too sweet to be at a shelter for 8 months and took her home.

    Milhouse we adopted from a different shelter.  We decided we were ready for a dog, went and looked at several--I wanted a different dog, but DH pointed out that Milhouse was a better size/temperament for our home so we got him.

    two years!
    after two losses, now happily expecting baby #1 09.16.12
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  • Emma - came from a former co-worker's sister.  Her (obviously) unaltered cat got out one night and came home knocked up.  My roommate at the time was looking for a cat, co-worker said his sister's kittens were 8 weeks old and she was giving them away.  I only went with her because she didn't know co-worker.  I had no intention of getting a kitten for myself.  Well, once I saw that little black and white ball of fluff...I knew I wasn't going home empty handed. 

    All in all, it wasn't the best way to go about it - it was an impulse decision, the cat was the result of an irresponsible owner not getting her cat fixed, I am allergic to cats..but I loved that girl more than anything and I miss her every day.

    Harley - She was a stray puppy that wandered up to dh at the shop where he used to work.  He called me that morning to tell me about this puppy, "She looks sick, and she's limping, but she's really cute."

    We weren't ready for a dog - we wanted to fence in our back yard before getting a dog - so I gave him the numbers of a couple of no kill shelters and rescue groups.

    At the end of the day he called me to tell me that "None of the people you gave me numbers for have called me back...and I'm starting to get really attached to her."  Me - "Do you think you should just bring her home then?"  Dh - "That's all I needed to hear."  Click.  She's been with us ever since.  We still don't have a fenced in back yard.

  • We got Bella from a rescue group that pulled her from a kill shelter :( This particular group pulls dogs right before they are PTS, so she was so close to being killed.  She had actually been returned to the shelter after being adopted by another family, too.  They got rid of her because they didn't think she was "affectionate enough" with their kids.  Ugh. 

    I saw her picture on Petfinder and fell in love.  We went to meet her at her foster mom's and could tell her personality was a good match for us.  We were expecting a much larger dog since she was described as a shepherd/boxer mix, but she's only around 30 pounds at 8 months.  She's had her fair share of issues, but overall she has been the perfect dog for us.  She has also served to educate me about shelter dogs, rescue groups, and BYB's.  Sadly many of my childhood pets came from BYBs :(  I'm glad I know better now! 

  • P came from a rescue. She started out as our foster and 4 months later I knew I couldn't let her go.
  • Mazzie: reputable breeder

    Ted: adopted as a kitten from a shelter in VT

    Freya: trapped in an alley behind "Wing It" in Allston.

    Fletcher: born in my living room to a stray momma cat we were fostering

    Pepper Pot: left on the front steps of the vet clinic <--yes we are a foster failure on this one -- he is staying! 

  • Owen came with my house (the guy who sold me and XH the house had the lab and asked at settlement if we wanted the dog, too -- yeah, he was a douche).

    Reese belonged to a friend of mine. He lived with his parents and she was fighting with his parents' dog (a senior female purebred Aussie), so I offered to "foster" her until he got his own place. Well, it turned out she had a host of problems caused by him and his "dominance theory" training methods. I talked to him about me keeping her, and he was fine with it. I don't think he ever intended to take her back. 

    Carl technically belongs to my S/O. He was dropped off as a stray at Animal Control in October '09, where we both volunteered. Despite being adorable, he was BSC and sat there for months and months. S/O began working one-on-one with Carl, and when the shelter did a "population break" because of strep zoo, I decided to foster Carl. S/O took about a week to decide to adopt him.  

  • FI got Dodge before we met from someone who was giving away the puppies (lab/shepherd mix), I got Riley from a Rescue in Wisconsin which her mom was a yellow lab but they didnt see the dad so we dont know for sure what she is mixed with. (i think its either beagle or some type of hound) and Gus i got about a month ago from a place that was giving away 2 free litters.
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  • We went to the humane society to "look." Bruce sat still and stared at us while all his littermates ran around like crazies. I couldn't stop staring at him and once i actually held him I refused to leave without him.

    Turns out he had been neutered a few days prior and was kind of sick....we learned after a few days that he was quite the opposite of the calm little puppy at the shelter, but love him regardless Stick out tongue

  • These stories make me smile :)

    I used to work at a boarding kennel, and people would dump animals there all of the time, which is how I ended up with my basenji mix, Zora, in high school. My parents still have her and she is a great pup!

    We researched husky breeders for almost two years before we chose the place where we got Miko. Couldn't be happier, but we will be adopting next time since there are several great husky adoption places in TX, and H can't handle another puppy :P

  • image crunchychick:

    Brady (Rottweiler mix) we adopted from a local no-kill shelter. He was dropped off in a box with his 3 sisters and 2 brothers with their Mama when they were just a day or two old. We took him home when he was 8 weeks old.

    I was working at a vet clinic and Bruschi (American Pit Bull Terrier) was dropped off by a man who witnessed a bunch of neighborhood punks dragging him by the leash and beating him, so he took him from them. He brought him to the vet asking us to find him a home. The vet was going to send him to the local high kill shelter, so I took him home and that was the start of my Pit Bull advocacy. He was only 8 or 9 weeks old at the time.

     this made me want to cry Crying thank goodness for someone like you to take him in!!

    Teagan Rae 8-21-12 born on due date/ 9 lbs 4 oz 22 in
  • 3 years of researching breeds, talking to many breeders and deciding on the best fit for us, going to shows in several states and lots of phone calls to breeders to find the right breeding and breeder, then waiting several months for the breeding to occur and then the puppies to grow and be evaluated.  I finally flew home with my sweet boy last January.  I love him like crazy and can't imagine going back to life without him.
    My sweet boy
  • Allie was an "opps" litter. My mom got her for me after my dad died and my mom was moving me to a strange city.

    Ringo came from a terrible "rescue," I couldn't get myself to go to adoption events, or shelters. I don't have the heart to go. I break down crying every single time. It annoyed DH to no end. He looked on pet finder and found a few that he liked. He showed me like 6 pictures, and I had to pick one. I picked Ringo- and sent DH to their adoption event to check him out. We brought him home soon after.

    Kobe: Rescue. We had been in touch with them off and on from when we first were looking into adoption. I got an email from them while we were packing up to move and they said that they found the perfect addition to our home. HA!!! Perfect my butt! The day we moved we brought Kobe home. 

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  • Found Marley on Petfinder, and he happened to be at an adoption fair that same day, went and fell for his charm, took him home same day.  (Mr. I only need leash training, and I'm friendly with everyone. HA!!!!!!!!)

    Sam was from our local shelter, his mother Sandy was being foster by a friend of ours and was a pregnant collie. She had 8 pups, and we took Sam home at 12 weeks old. I love him to death and he is the sweetest most loving dog I have every met, a total mumma's boy, but never never never again will I get a puppy.


    Whitney Venessa
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  • We adopted our girl through a breed-specific rescue.
  • Daisy (cat) we got from the local SPCA because we wanted a kitten.  We adopted her when she was about 2 months old.  Her mom was a stray that came in pregnant.  Daisy and the last litter mate were adopted the same day.

    Hamilton (cat) we also got from the SPCA.  We wanted another cat to keep Daisy (close to 1 yr at this point) company.  Hamilton was really easy going and got along well with all the cats in his room at the SPCA.  After we got him home he had to stay isolated for almost 3 weeks because of a really bad URI.

    ETA: Hamilton was 10 months when we got him.  He came in as a stray although I don't see how he could have survived, he has no natural hunting skills and is the clumsiest cat I've ever seen.

    Lola (dog) we got from the county animal shelter (which is a kill shelter).  She stood at the front of her kennel watching everyone walk by but ran to the corner and shook horribly if anyone entered.  She had been adopted about a month before we got her and returned 2 days before.  We have no idea of her history before she was adopted the first time or why she was returned.  She was really shy and nervous when we got her but we're working on it.  She's made so much progress in the 4 months we've had her :)

  • Simon's Mom was a stray and some girls from school fostered her and adopted them out.

    Raven was found on the side of the road.

    Duke was adopted from the shelter as they were taking him to the back.

    Sadie's story is sort of complicated but she technically isn't mine but I am keeping her for the rest of her life.

    They see us rollin'...they be hatin'.
  • I got Cal from a BYB before I knew any better. Before you flame me away...don't worry-I know MUCH better and will only be rescusing from now on (preferably American Brittany Rescue-swoon!) Someday, when I have room, I hope to foster, too! You girls have seriously educated me on so much and I try and influence others when I can.

    Learning to start all over again... Blog
  • Cat found me.  In February 2003, I was living with my parents after college and he showed up at their back porch.  He was so friendly, but easily spooked.  We caught him and took him to the vet, who said he knew "just the family" for him.  So Cat went to their house.  For a day.  Their 6-year-old was holding his face/head with both hands and Cat panicked and bit the little boy on the eyebrow.  The vet called me the next day saying they were going to take him to the humane society if we didn't want him back.  I knew he'd be euth'ed with a history of biting children, so I took him.

    Hobbes we found in 2008.  He was living underneath our house and we could hear him meowing through the floor grates.  We were just going to trap, neuter, and release, since he was feral, but DH fed him a few french fries from his lunch one day and was hooked.  (To quote DH, "how can you not love a cat that likes french fries?")

    Dot we found on Petfinder last year.  I'd actually seen her several times prior to selecting her and dismissed her because she was the least "doxie-looking" of any doxie mix on PF.  We wanted a doxie.  Well, eventually some better pictures of her went up and DH decided to look at her, b/c she was TOO cute.  So we had them bring her over for a meet and greet and fell in love.  The rest is history.

  • Chiggy:  Petstore.  Young and dumb. 

    Hudson:  Petfinder.  He was a courtesy post, a neighbor took his momma in after her owners left her, and she had pups a few weeks later

    Gizmo:  Found outside DH's work

    Charlie:  another Nestie found him while on vacation in Florida.  But he was to much for her senior kitties, and i was looking for a companion for Gizmo.  It was a planned foster fail.

     LK- foster failure.  She came into our house scared shitless and hid under the guest bed for months.  A no one wanted an adult 5ish year old cat.  She imprinted pretty good on Gizmo, so we couldn't let her go.  We moved houses, she moved with us, an the rest is history.

    PB- This may or may not be a foster failure, DH hasn't decided yet ;).  But my niece found him at MIL's house.  

    image image image image image image Beckett*Gizmo*Charlie*Little Kitty*Hudson*Chiggy <a href="" title="D
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