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Introducing new cat to existing two

I know this question has likely been asked a million times, but search on the site never works for me. We've had 2 cats for 6 years, both acquired at the same time as kittens, so they've been together since 7 wks old. Tuesday we went to the shelter and adopted another cat - somewhere around 3-5 years old. We've set new kitty up in her own room to give her time to adjust to us before we start intros with the other 2 cats.

Kazie is just curious about the new kitty, laying outside the door talking. Kami is terrified and acting out - and she hasn't even seen new kitty yet. She's using the bathroom in random places, attacking Kazi anytime he walks near her. Unfortunately new kitty isn't as laid back as we thought, so I have a feeling this is only going to escalate as we try to introduce them later (we're going to take this super slow).

Anything we should be doing now to help Kami relax? Any advice on how to make this go as smoothly as possible is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Introducing new cat to existing two

  • Best advice: Go get the book Cat vs. Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett. It is a short book but packed full of great information on cat introductions.  It takes you step by step and we really found it helpful.

    In the meantime, you are doing the right thing by keeping new kitty in her own room. You'll need to keep her in there separated from the other cats for awhile.  One thing you can do is give your resident cats treats when they are outside the door of the new cat - it helps them associate positive feelings with her. 

    I also highly recommend getting a Feliway plug in asap. (google for the website with lots of info).  It emits calming pheremones to cats - it also helped ours tremendously. 

    Finally, way to go adopting an older kitty. :)  Remember, patience is key.  It can take months for your household to get completely peaceful again (or it might take less). Follow the steps in the book and try not to get discouraged - just hang in there. 


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