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Costumes for dogs... WDYT?

So apparently this is a major topic in one of my research classes. Half of my class thinks it is lame, the other half think it is cute.

I honestly never thought about it, my dogs would literally chew at the costumes until it was shreds anyway. How do you feel about putting costumes (even if it is for Halloween) on your pets? 


Re: Costumes for dogs... WDYT?

  • See siggy. Smile

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  • I think it's funny. My dogs always have a costume. They don't last long, but we get a good laugh out of it.
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  • I'M a huge fan. Chompers, however, is merely tolerant as evidenced by the miserable look on his face while I'm forcing him to wear costumes.
  • I have a feeling Callie will allow us to dress her up for Halloween to meet the trick-or-treaters, but she will have a look of contempt all evening long.
  • I usually think clothes on dogs looks ridiculous, but I make an exception for Halloween. My dogs were a turtle and a lobster for Halloween last year, but in my defense they wore them to a costume contest fundraiser for a dog park! My boys tolerated the costumes but weren't happy about it. Some of the dogs at the event looked like they loved wearing the costumes though.
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  • I'm Pro Dog Halloween Costume! My pup has a bigstuffed hot dog that attaches to her back. I have a ketchup t-shirt I will wear to meet the trick-or-treaters at the door!

  • I used to put Blackie in them on occasion (he made the world's cutest skunk, I swear). But not lately.. he's too big and won't fit into most costumes.

    Now if he were like 10 pounds, I'd put him in cute lobster costumes and stuff.

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  • I guess I'm in the minority, but I think it's ridiculous.  Don't get me wrong, there are a few (and I mean a few) instances where a dog can be in a costume and look cute...but most of the time I think the dog looks miserable and I honestly feel bad for them Sad
  • This convinces me that we will attempt our hand at dressing up our older, 14 mos. old dog... like this... for a few hours on Halloween. 


  • We dress Molly up for Halloween. But I usually buy the cheapest costume there is. One year she was a lobster and this year she will be a bee. We don't keep it on her very long. Just long enough to take a couple of pictures.
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  • I dress up one of my dogs for Halloween, the little black one in my siggy. She is always running to the door and barking like crazy when the kids ring the doorbell so I dress her up because she's been known to scare some of the little ones before.

    It's kind of hard to be scared when you see a dog dressed up like a pumpkin or Snow White.Stick out tongue

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