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Nursery Help/Ideas

DH & I are trying to figure out how to do the nursery in our house. 

We want to do a forest theme - deer/owls/hedgehogs/bunnies - that kind of stuff.  We're keeping it gender neutral (team green) as well.  

The problem we're running into is that our house is an "A frame" so the nursery is on the second floor, which means the two main walls are slanted inward and form a peak at the ceiling.  

We want to pain the room green but are trying to stay away from pastels, I've never been a huge fan of the lighter colors.  So the greens I've picked out are darker.  We fear that the dark color may overwhelm the room quickly so we're trying to figure out a good way to break it up.  

Also - any fun ideas on what to do with our giant ceilings in the room?  I'm guessing they're at least 12 feet tall at the peak.  


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Re: Nursery Help/Ideas

  • What about painting the room a light neutral and then doing lots of green accents? You could also do a neutral with green undertones. Gray-green colors are fairly popular right now and don't come off pastel like a light green does. We did Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble in our master bedroom (sorry, no pics yet), and while light, it doesn't appear pastel, at least to me :)
  • Do you have a side wall that goes the full 12 feet?  I would keep the room a light color and think about doing a huge tree mural that full height on one wall...rather than scattering lots of little stuff around doing one high-impact thing I think would really keep the room looking big.  Like this:


    We have the same a-frame house and sloped walls in the nursery, and even though we went with a lightish blue it still seems pretty dark in there a lot of the time since the windows face north and west, so I would err on the side of lighter colors.

  • I'm not sure about the ceilings since I can't see them to understand what you're talking about.  But with the could definitely stick with the green, but maybe do a white beadboard or something similar on the bottom to break it up and not make it overwhelming.  Here are some examples...

    DecorPad 1

    DecorPad 2




  • Or you could do a chair rail or bring in another color like these....

    Green Rooms - sorry, it won't let me's the 7th row down on the page

    Green Rooms - 19th row down on the page (green/gray with white chair rail)

    Also check out row 35 on that cool and would work great with your look!


  • Since your ceilings are so wonderfully tall, you could totally get away with doing a treatment on them like this: (it's just broken down paletts and distressed ) it'd give an OBVIOUS woodsy feel without all the usual murals you see



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  • We're in the process of creating DD's playroom (woodland creature themed) - we went with an avacado-ish green (Valspar Organic Garden I think...) above the chair rail and on the ceiling, and a brown (Valspar Chocolate Truffle) below it. The bottom portion of the wall was primed with magnetic primer (3-4 coats) and we followed the Martha Stewart instructions for DIY chalkboard paint to top it off.

    We turned one of the two closets into a reading nook (toybox/bench to sit on, shelves above to the ceiling, and DH built a pergola that comes off the top of what was the door frame. I bought some realistic looking branches/vines from Hobby Lobby and kinda wrapped them around/through the pergola. I'm using a vintage flat sheet in a floral print to make a curtain that she will be able to pull to the side or close.

    I also painted a wall mural tree on one wall (and plan to find floating shelves to attach to a few of the branches). There's hedgehogs, mushrooms, squirrels, and birds/owls... I have a collection of different sized birdhouses that I am painting and will either put them on the floating shelves or hang the collection of them together with microfilament in one corner of the room.

    I love the look of these shelves from etsy

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  • You could find a nice green color that is lighter but not pastel. Also, using a wood beadboard would like nice. My IL's have this in their "forest & country" themed house and it looks awesome. I would also play around with a colored ceiling (maybe a shade or two lighter then the wall color).

    GL and post pics of your progress please!

  • image dr.girlfriend:

    This is another one of my faves, from


    I think it's kinda crappy that blog didn't reference the source. Here's the actual source of the photo:

  • image apple_tini:
    image dr.girlfriend:

    This is another one of my faves, from


    I think it's kinda crappy that blog didn't reference the source. Here's the actual source of the photo:

    Ah, I'm sorry, I knew it was from a blog, so I just searched Google Images until I saw one with a blog address and posted it.  I agree, the real muralist deserves mucho blog hits!

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