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Detroit Free Press Marathon coupon code needed


does anyone know where to find coupon code for Detroit Free Press marathon or do you have one to share?

I wanted to register and there is a field to enter code so there has to be one out there...

Thank you ladies!

Re: Detroit Free Press Marathon coupon code needed

  • I didn't know they had discounts! I just googled it and found a 10% off code, but I'm couldn't find an exp date. cleve2010.  Funny, the google search returned this post too! Good luck with the race. I think I may run a portion of the race too in the relay with some friends.  I ran the full a few years ago and it was pretty cool.


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  • well there is a spot to enter coupon code but I could also only find "cleve2010" which has expired. This is my first race so I was surpirsed with high regstration fees. Wow, a full marathon, that is impressive. I don't think I could ever do it, but then again I never thought I would do 1/2 either. Good luck to you!
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