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Boston Terriers behavior

I know BTs love being around people, but I do not get this about my two lil guys:

As I clean my home I try to keep them close by, instead of leaving them where I can not see them (they are puppies).  For example, if I am cleaning a room upstairs I place them in the hallway and provide them toys.  I place a safety gate on the stairs so they do not fall. I also place a safety gate at the entrance of the room that I am cleaning.  This way they stay out but could see me. They have plenty of room to play in the hallway.

However, they do not play. Instead they sit by my door and stare at me.  They then begin to whimper.  Honestly, if they were with me in the room they would just be running around with each other and no interacting with me.

So I dont get it.  Are they spoiled?  Should I ignore them and the behavior will stop?

Sorry so long

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Re: Boston Terriers behavior

  • I actually have a BT/chihuahua mix and she will do the exact same thing. Whine to get into the same room with me and then ignore me once she is there. She's gotten better about not needing to be attached to me at all times, but it's pretty rare for her to be in a different room. Sorry I'm not much help, just in the same boat!
  • My little dogs are the same way.
  • I have a French Bulldog / Boston Terrier mix and he does the same thing. When we leave him in his bedroom during the day, while we go to work, he won't touch a single toy or chew on a single bone. I know this because we have placed toys/bones in certain places, and they haven't moved an inch all day... and we have a camera in his bedroom to watch him from work (yup, my DH is a tech guy, so he wanted to try this out, it's actually pretty neat). Our dog won't even eat a treat if we aren't home with him, but the second we come home, he runs and gets the treat to eat it. It's so cute.

    Anyways... I think its just because they don't feel 100% without you with them / near them. If I leave our dog at home with DH, he won't act "normal" until I am home. He won't play or anything. He waits until I get home. Only then does he act / feel 100% - which is a total goof ball! He cracks me up. But we want to get a 2nd dog for him too... I would think they would play together at least.

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  • Thank you all.  I was afraid that the FI and I were somehow bad parents. 
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