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For Sarlah! Bear Pics

I'm standing at my front door in this picture...

Second pic is him eating apples from the tree across the street.image


Re: For Sarlah! Bear Pics

  • I don't know why but there's something about this that I find so freaking funny. I'm sure in person I would be freaking out, but it's so... unbelievable that it makes me laugh. Something like this would never ever happen where I live... sadly. I want to live in nature!
  • Well, let me tell you how I got to that point.  So DH and I were in the kitchen making dinner and Rissa, our foster dog was going nuts at the front door.  So DH tells her to knock it off and stop barking at the deer (the deer usually hang out in the same spot).  Only he goes over and looks out the front door and it's not a deer.  So he starts whispering as loud as he can to grab my camera, so I do and we go RUNNING out of the house...

    I know, I know... you arn't supposed to RUN OUT of your house.. But still I wasn't missing this.  He was there for a solid 45 minutes, and I was taking pictures the whole time.  He even looked at us like you people are CRAZY.  One of our neighbors drove by on their gator and they stopped and we were chatting with them for ahwile, the whole time Mr. Bear was eating apples like 25 feet away.

    It was a totally rediculous thing of us to do, but I would totally do it again...

  • Wow...that's pretty crazy. I would have been freaking out.
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  • I think I would be freaking out if there was a bear that close to my house.  But I'm the type of person that if the tornado sirens go off I run outside to see if I can spot the no judgement on going outside to take pictures of the bear.
  • That's awesome!  I would have done the same thing.  Now...go get that Mt. Lion picture!
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