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WDYT about me getting Sadie a life jacket.

Sadie is 12 and has always hated the water, or so that's what my sister and her family always told me.  

As most of you know, I live on an island and I take the pups to the beach a lot. Sadie used to HATE the water but after a year an a half of being at the beach, she will go into the water chest deep, but then it gets too deep for her comfort level.  I can't tell if that's as far in as she wants to go or if she wants to go father into the water.   I think she sees the others playing and wants to play too, but she is unsure.

Do you think it would be worth getting her a life jacket?  If so, where would you recommend getting it? Or would a place like PetCo or PetsMart suffice? 

ETA: Raven used to have one when I was married and X and I took her in a boat, but since then I got rid of it because I knew I wouldn't be taking her on a boat again. 

Duke has never had one.


They see us rollin'...they be hatin'.

Re: WDYT about me getting Sadie a life jacket.

  • I say go for it.  The worst that can happen is she doesn't like it or still doesn't go in any further in which case you can stick it on Craigslist or sell it to a fellow pestie.

    Patton was afraid to go in too far and then he wound up loving swimming, until Nico came along and Nico tries to dunk him.  Now Patton is back to wading. =(

  • Sadie sounds a lot like Casey.  DH always thought she hated the water and when we went to the OBX 2 years ago, she went in (the water was warm and shallow) and ever since she will go in for a little dip, especially if DH is in the water, however she won't go in like Foley.  She's just going in for a dip to cool off, where as Foley is going to swim and romp and play. 

    I don't know that it would be worth getting her a life vest, that could make her more uncomfortable in the water. 

  • I found one on Jefferspet for around $20...I guess I will give it a try and report back! 
    They see us rollin'...they be hatin'.
  • I vote yes.  We put Lily and Maxie's on when we take them on the boat mainly because we beach on sand bars.  There is a bit of a current and I worry Maxie will get tired and not be able to get back in.

    As you can see by my siggy, they could care less that they are wearing it.

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