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3 1/2 more hours, ugh! - I want to go home NOW!

I am just too tired to be productive today, but I don't want to burn a vacation day that I'll surely need in the future. 

I think I need another caffeine jolt.  Tongue Tied  Too bad I don't drink coffee.

Re: 3 1/2 more hours, ugh! - I want to go home NOW!

  • I hear you.  Do you drink soda?  A diet Pepsi always helps me perk up.

    If it makes you feel any better, I am working late all week because dummy me schduled a ton of night meetings with clients.  The positive is that I get to sleep in and come in late, but I never really flex my time correctly.

    Oh, maybe a piece of chocolate would help Big Smile

    image Yup, he was born that way. Doug's Blog
  • I will second the chocolate...i just had 6  bite size twix, and i am feeling pretty awake for the moment!
    Whitney Venessa
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  • ugh I hear ya, yesterday I drank some coffee at lunch to prevent my monthly menstrual migraine and I was so jacked up I didn't sleep at all last night. I haven't had caffeine in almost 2 years... bad idea although I didn't get a headache.
  • I just got into work. I am covering the evening shift for another supervisor so I have a large coffee and a coca cola with me. I NEED caffiene. I have a supermassive headache right now from sleeping to little too. Indifferent
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