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We MAY have some itty bitty fluffy pups at the shelter that are BC mixes (I think BC/shep).  They aren't even old enough to go out on the adoption floor yet (so hush hush).

They are soooo adorable.

I thought of you!

Re: *setsail*

  • Oh they sound cute!
    Jackson: I used to be wild, like the wolf, and now I'm reduced to posing in pink petals for your enjoyment. The joys of domestication
    Poe: Here we go once again with the "I was a wild stray..." story. Blah blah blah *eye roll*
    Blog: The Misadventures of Jackson and Poe
  • image setsail1999:
    Oh they sound cute!

    They are!  I'm surprised they're not being fostered but who knows.  There are about 5 or 6 of them and all but one are black/white.  The other one is an adorable light tan color with a darker muzzle.

    They are just under 8 weeks and pretty teeny tiny still.  Someone said how big they'll get but comparing them to how big Patton was at 8 weeks I disagreed.  Then again my "big" is different than most people's "big." 

    There's a dog at the shelter that's 75lbs and they have him listed as "XL" on his chart.  To me 75 = L and 60 = M.  I guess not.  =p

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