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name change kits

Hi Ladies,

I told DH that I would change my name by the next time I need to renew my driver' license, but he's starting to get antsy about it, did anyone use a kit, or pre-made list to change their names?  If so would you recommend them?


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Re: name change kits

  • I thought about using a kit, but in the end it seemed like an extra expense for something I could do myself.  When I thought it out, it didn't seem like it would be a difficult process. I'm starting today, so I'll let you know how it goes.

    1. social security office (social security card)

    2. secretary of state office (drivers license)

    3. change name with banks and credit cards



  • Totally not worth it.  With every place you have to change your name, you can do so for free.

    To add to Tamara's list, I would also remember:

    4.  passport (if you have one)
    5.  HR at your job
    6.  bills (electric, car insurance etc.) 
    7.  loans (student loans, car loan, mortgage)
    8.  the 3 national credit bureaus (not always automatically updated with your CCs) 

    It's really not that bad.  Start with steps 1 & 2, and the rest is easy. 

  • I thought about using one of those services and I'm glad I didn't. It's not that hard & those services are mainly just paperwork they "help" you fill out. They can't wait in line for you at the DMV, etc.

    It looks like everyone above listed everything I can think of. The only real PITA thing I have to do is deal with my name change for my notary license. This is proving to be a pain because there are so many steps... and I'm lazy. lol.

  • I wouldn't. Like everyone else said, it really wasn't that bad. And everywhere I went had their own specific forms that needed to be filled out, so it seems like coming with a pre-filled-out form would be a waste of time. I found that the most time-consuming ones were the DMV (just because of waiting time), the passport, and my HR dept at work (because they had me fill out 40 BILLION pieces of paper).

    Also ladies don't forget that your husband needs to fill out a new w4 for taxes and change his beneficiaries for things like life insurance and retirement accounts. 

    ETA: To add to the name change list, don't forget about professional licenses, if you have one. I had to change my name on my nursing license within 30 days.

  • same as PPs...i thought about using a kit but decided to save money and im glad i did! i just did it little by little...starting with my SS and license, and then my work stuff and now i am still calling credit cards and the stuff you can do over the phone...its not too bad!
  • As silly as it sounds just make sure you have a copy of your marriage license handy for whenever it's asked for.  I was surprised who asked for it and who didn't.  SS office wanted it but one of my credit cards didn't.  I figured everyone would want it (how else can you prove you're married).  HTH!
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