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Mad Men 8/29

I watched this instead of the Emmys last night.  IMO it wasn't as good as last week's, but I guess they can't all be winners.  Roger's flashbacks as parallels for the present-day Don just seemed slightly cheesy and on-the-nose to me, I guess.  I did like Peggy's nude standoff with that art guy though, heh.  What did you all think?
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Re: Mad Men 8/29

  • I loved last night's episode-one of the best ones!!

    The flashbacks really provided a past/present/future parellel to the whole episode. It is almost like Don is turning into Roger by taking a chance on the new guy at the end. 

    I liked the scene where Don goes to bed with one lady and wakes up to another one and he loses track of time and has no idea what happened-this makes me wonder what will happen next week. I think Don is going to crack. 

    I thought the Pete/Ken scene was a little weird-what is up with that rivalry anyway? I am still on the fence about Pete whether I like him or not. 


    Also...just made the connection that Pete's wife is Annie from Community. lol!!

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  • I thought last nights episode was slow because the flashback was such a huge part of the episode. I love the flashback, especially when Joan got the fur coat, but it confused the episode a bit. At first I thought Don and Roger were shopping together. And did u catch that Don told the waitress his name was ***? She calle him *** in the morning. I'm wondering what is going to happen to Don. I kind of thought he hit rock bottom last season, but it keeps getting worse.
  • i thought this episode was amazing. I loved the flashbacks and I also caught the waitress thing.  I watched with my mouth open almost the entire time.

    As far as the Pete thing - they were both up for a promotion and the other guy got it over Pete.  He then quit. 


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