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Today is a good day!

My mom is coming to visit and she gets in tonight.  Yay! Yay! Yay!  I haven't seen her since the day after the wedding, so I am very excited.

It's also a good day because I get to work from home.  I have to make a nursery vignette for work and I have to do a lot of sewing, so I'm getting paid to sit at home, sew, and watch movies while doing it.  To make it even better Little Miss Sunshine is on.  But I do have to wonder who thought it was a good idea to ask the girl who isn't into babies and knows nothing about them to make a nursery vignette.  I had to ask everyone what actually goes in a nursery. 

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Re: Today is a good day!

  • EmbarrassedWhat's a nursery vignette?
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  • Basically a little area of the store is going to be set up to look like a nursery....or like what I think a nursery looks like.  So it might look nothing like a nursery.
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  • Buckeye, what is it that you do again?

    And yay for your mom coming to visit!!  Mine is coming in the middle of September, and it'll be the first time I've seen her since the wedding too.  Very exciting!  And I hear she has a couple of wedding gifts that people have dropped off to her too, so double yay, haha

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  • I usually do visual merchandising and interior design.  But right now I work at a fabric store since I haven't found a real job since moving.  So it's exciting that I get to work on a project that actually uses some of my skills.
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  • Yay for your mom coming in! I can't imagine going that long without seeing my mom. We live 3 miles apart to I see her a few times a week.
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