December 2007 Weddings
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Weekend plans?

What do you have going on this weekend?
~~~~Carrie & Shawn~~~~December 21, 2007~~~~ image
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"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Re: Weekend plans?

  • Tonight:  just some grocery shopping and cleaning up around the house; maybe some yard work

    Tomorrow:  DH and I are going sea kayaking!  We did it a couple years ago, and it's tons of fun.  Plus, I learned that this is the perfect time of year to possibly see porpoise and harbor seal babies!  And because of that...well, it's also a good time of year to see Orcas (because those babies are easy pickin', frankly).

    Sunday:  church; possibly rock climbing after

    ~~~~Carrie & Shawn~~~~December 21, 2007~~~~ image
    Our Blog!
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • Tonight - probably just hang out, watch TV, go to bed early

    Tomorrow - DH is going to a men's breakfast at church, so I'm going to take that time to clean. The house is in desparate need. Then Blakely's going to the vet for a gland expression (ew!!), then maybe some grocery shopping, and then chill

    Sunday - church, then I'm going to a surprise baby shower for a girl at church

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  • Carrie, sea kayaking sounds awesome!

    Tonight: I have to clean up the garage.  We will veg out in front of the TV together and watch a few movies.

    Sat:  Cleaning out my closet (need to get rid of clutter and hopefully make some money next week by selling most of it), and hopefully get soem time to sew.  I dont think Ive touched my machine in a month..and my etsy shop is in need of new stuff!

    Sun: Celebrating my brother's birthday. 

  • tonight: my friend is coming into town and staying tonight with us. we'll probably watch a movie, play wii, grill out/hang out

    tomorrow: dh and I both have to work :(  when I'm not at work, I have tons of pinwheel stuff to do. gotta keep designing new stuff!

    sunday: church and constant pinwheel designing

  • Tonight: Running errands after work then meeting a friend for dinner.

    Tomorrow: Going to a bridal shower in San Francisco at a tea place. And if I don't get back to late stopping by another friend's engagement party.

    Sunday: Absolutely nothing!

  • Right now: Hanging out at my parents' house and working while DH has the boy. They went to see his grandma; she broke her arm really bad this week.

    Tonight: Rehearsal/rehearsal dinner for the wedding I'm in tomorrow

    Tomorrow: Wedding stuff all day

    Sunday: Church, lunch, a photo session, sending DH back off to work


    Ugh. Way too much in one weekend with way too little time for DH and I to see each other.

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    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Tonight: no plans, we may go for a walk if John is feeling better.

    Tomorrow: no plans, but ppl have dropped hints about wanting to come visit, so we may have company throughout the day

    Sunday: John has baseball tryouts all day, so my mom is coming over to stay with me and Chase.  We're going to organize pictures and work on scrapbook stuff

  • picked up dh from the airport early this morning and we slept till late today (saturday). think we'll go out for lunch and then go to the grocery store and maybe church later.

    tomorrow there is a squadron picnic at the beach and then we're having a "block" party in the evening - FUN weekend ahead!

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