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food, inc.

Anyone see it?

very good. Makes me want to buy local as much as I well as stay out of the drive thrus! plus, with everything under the sun being recalled I don't know what to feed my kids anymore!

ohh if i won the lotto I think we would buy a farm and plant a huge garden!

Re: food, inc.

  • I am already picky about meats, I know I couldnt watch this.  DH's aunt was telling me about it and just that alone was making me sick.  

    Ditto on the farm though :)  My parents do a garden every year, and we help them- so in turn get to reap the benefits!  This year wasnt so great though. 

  • I've heard a lot about it, but I don't plan to see it. I've seen similar documentary type things and they can be really difficult to watch. I try to buy local/organic meat when it's on sale and comprable to other meat, but that's a rare find, and like everyone else, we're on a budget.

    I do use homegrown produce because my mom has an incredible garden with everything I could ever want. Next year she is building a chicken coup and getting a few chickens, so we'll be getting our eggs from her too.

    We've also talked about going in together and buying a cow. Obviously we wouldn't raise the cow (I could never eat it was my pet!!); you just buy it from a local farmer, they raise/grass feed the cow, then they slaughter (hate that word) it, and you get the meat. It's around $800 to buy the cow, but the amount of meat you get is insane, and of course hormone free. My mom and I both have full size freezers to store it, so we're considering it.

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  • Yes, Bev. we are considering doing the same thing here. I just got the name of the stockyard and the butcher! Exciting!
  • image TELK83:
    Yes, Bev. we are considering doing the same thing here. I just got the name of the stockyard and the butcher! Exciting!

    That's awesome!

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