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Bare Minerals - Freckles

I am sure I am asking on the worst possible day since it is slow all weekend but...

Anyone use the mineral makeup and have freckles...that they DO NOT want covered?  Meaning...does it look weird to wear the mineral makeup when you have freckles?

I was gonna go in and try it in person, but I have heard mixed reviews about Bare Minerals....should I try a different kind?

I usually wear almost nothing on my face (just a powder) but with the baby I have wicked under eye circles to tame and I think I feel ready for a little more coverage on the skin.

Got freckles? What do you think? 

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Re: Bare Minerals - Freckles

  • I have freckles and don't try to cover them and I use BM.  I LOVE it.  It's the only make up I will ever use.  Their concealer is awesome for under eye discoloration.  The mineral veil covers without looking like you are wearing anything. I have tried a few other mineral make ups and I only like BM.
  • My freckles stay uncovered with bare minerals. No worries there! I actually just use the regular foundation powder with a smaller brush for my under eye circles.
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  • Thanks ladies!  

    I am covered in freckles and it would look completely ridiculous if I covered them up because my neck and chest....arms etc are covered in freckles so I would look like a total nut with a freckle-less face and freckled body.  

    I am going to make an appointment and go in and give it a try.  

    I figure I can wear it for a day and know if it will work out for my skin (super sensitive) and then jump in and get it...

    Also...I have really pink cheeks and have never needed blush (even on my wedding day the make up artist just blew a tiny bit on because I am so pink)....I am guessing it would be a waste for me to get a starter kit should I get it because it has the "warmpth" or whatever it is called and I cannot invision needing it....or am I wrong and it is some essential part?

    I guess I could just ask the sale gal...but they are trying to make a buck so I am always a little skeptical.

    So what do you feel are the "must have" pieces of the BM line?

    BM....seriously think "bowel movement" every time I see it....same with the TK days when it meant "bridesmaid" 

    Happy Takes Work A family blog.
    Money Matters The other half's blog.
    EJ is growing up too fast!
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  • I really liked the starter kit. It comes with the brushes (which can be expensive on their own), and the mineral veil, which I like. I didn't think I'd really use the "warmth", but I've used a little on days when I'm looking really pale and need a little depth to my face. Since it's summer and I have a bit of a tan, I'm not using it right now. I think it would be just as expensive to buy all the other stuff seperately, so I bought the starter kit and kept the "warmth". You might be able to sell it or give it away if you wanted to.

    I used to wear makeup maybe 3 or 4 times a month (really, just for church or special occasions) But the Bare Minerals is super easy, and I find myself able to quickly put some on  before I run out the door. It makes me look and feel soooo much better! I have pretty sensitive skin too, and was worried I might react badly to it, but no problems so far.

    I don't really have freckles (just a couple if I'm out in the sun) but I don't think the product would go on like a mask and completely cover them up.

    Good luck! I hope you like it =)

  • Oh, and one thing to keep in mind is that it may take you a few days to get used to the brush.  I have super sensitive skin and it's the only make up that actually clears my skin up and doesn't irritate it.  It did however take me about a week or so to get used to having the brush rubbed all over my face.  After that, no issues at all!
  • Can I just say yea for you for not covering up your freckles? I hate it when makeup counter people try to tell you that your natural pretty self is flawed and needs to be covered up.
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  • BareMinerals is known for being light & won't hide your freckles. I used to looooove BM until I used Sheer Bare Minerals - all natural & organic for CHEAP!!
    Sheet Bare Minerals is a makeup line that's the equivalent to BareMinerals but a lot cheaper. It's hypoallergenic just like BM & the same exact colors & ingredients are used. This mineral line gives you 30g of makeup for $11.99 & BareMinerals makeup is 16g for around $35. Go to it's all natural, organic mineral makeup for less! If you've used BareMinerals, you will love this one, as it's the EXACT same but 2x the makeup for 1/3 the cost!
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