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Need Help!!!!

Ok so unlike most of you on here, I DO NOT know how to organize! I have tried since I was a kid. I have chronic anxiety and that sets it off. (just learned that a few years ago) It makes me hyperventulate, freak get the picture.  So realize how stupid I am with this situation, I am also realizing it is getting better. I was wondering if anyone has ever used a company that shows you how to organize in you home for your personal life.  I am thinking about doing this but not to sure. If you used one in the Indianapolis, Indiana area that would be even better. Thanks for the help.


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Re: Need Help!!!!

  • I don't know of services in your area, but if you have trouble finding one, or if you want something in the mean time, you could try checking out Julie Morgenstern's book "Organizing from the Inside Out" from your library (or getting a cheap copy on There are tons of organizing books out there written by naturally neat people, so they're not very helpful if you're not just like the author...BUT, this author is really well known and has worked with a lot of different personality types, etc and I've found her work really helpful (I'm actually working through her book on time management now). She offers solutions that address the practical and psychological barriers that get in the way of getting/staying organized. Anyway, just a thought. :) Good luck!
  • I don't know if it's still on the air anywhere, but I used to watch "Clean Sweep" on TLC.  An organizer and designer would go to houses where people were pretty overwhelmed and help them sort/toss/etc.  I come from a family of pack rats and some of the tips they gave in the show were helpful to me for learning a better mindset with stuff, which helps with learning to organize.

     I also did a google search just now on "professional organizer" and found, maybe that will help you find someone in your area.  Here in CA we have with some reviews for the same search, not sure what you would use in the Indianapolis area.

     Anyway, good luck!

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