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Anyone see the fight? It was pretty gay. I loved howthe fans were all like "Omg don't hurt us!" If that would have been a hockey game, it would have gone down a LOT differently.

Re: Reds/Cards

  • Yes and that is why baseball fights are the best fights.  Hockey fights are so common they aren't exciting anymore.  Baseball fights.... now those are rare, bench clearing brawls that are worth talking about in sports!
    I swim because I'm too damned sexy for a sport that requires real clothing.
  • But it wasn't even a GOOD brawl. They were just pushing each other around in a pig sweaty pile of guys. One guy was being a pvss and throwing kicks to people who weren't even fighting him. Big whoop.
  • I was there.  My dad's seats are just behind the Red's dugout, so we had a great view.  It was much different in person than on ESPN.  They were pissed.  I have to say that I'm really glad it happened.  I've lived through way too many years of Reds players not giving a damn and banging it in after July that it is so nice to seem them engaged.   

    ETA: I remember a fight years ago in which Sean Casey bit someone in the leg.  That was truly something. 

  • Also, what did Johnny Cueto do to get suspended?  From what I saw he was just shoved up against the fence. 

    ETA: Nevermind, I completely missed that he was kicking people. 

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