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Ugh, roaches!?

I keep a pretty clean house. There is no open food that isn't in a sealed container, I take the trash out daily, mop and vaccum every other day, but it seems like every few days there is a roach in the bathroom. Why would they be in the bathroom? Could they be coming from the drain or something? I know, living in Florida you just have to deal with bugs every so often, and I can do spiders and the like but not roaches. I feel bad thinking this but I think most of our bug issues come from the people who live below us, i have been in their place a few times and it is trashed, I mean, the way their house is cant be healthy, could they be coming from there somehow? Ideas for a more permanent fix other then raid?

Re: Ugh, roaches!?


    I live in coastal South Carolina so I know exactly what you're going through.  You're right about cleanliness not making you exempt from *** roaches in your home, especially a multi-dwelling building like yours.  You can walk into the finest and very well kept homes here and still encounter a cockroach, it comes with the territory unfortunately, but certain areas are worse than others.  Knock on wood, in our current one story home which is further inland than my parents house, we don't have a bad roach problem and have encountered probably only 5 stray ones in the year and a half we've lived here.  My parents live a street away from the marsh and harbor and they frequently see roaches in their elevated home throughout the year, sometimes a daily or multiple in one day sightings.  They also have a fireplace which is a big point of entry.

    In college, I lived in an apartment and twice, oh yes twice, I woke up in the middle of the night with a roach on me!  My apartment was 10 minutes from my parents house and it was right near the marsh.  The exterminator told me our apartment complex has the worst roach problem of all complexes he treats in the area.  He said it was also the only complex where he was asked to spray the inside of units.  He said in other complexes he only sprayed outside of units and around the outside of the entire building and that type of exterior barrier spraying obviously works much better than inside spraying since you're still going to see them entering your unit.  It was a nice complex, just near the marsh. Come to think of it, my apartment had a fireplace so that was probably a major point of entry there too.

    Roaches love water, which is probably why you find them in your bathroom.  And yes, they can enter your home via a dry drain or just from crawling along the outside of a pipe to behind the walls and entering if there's a hole/gap where the pipe enters your bathroom through the wall.  Seal that if you're in a condo you own or have maintenance seal that for you if you live in an apartment. I would check the plumbing connections in the bathroom and kitchen.  Living in several military housing units and the apartment in college, I've definitely seen openings around pipes under sinks where it enters through the wall under the cabinet.

  • Roaches, Junebugs, and Palmettos are fairly common in the wet summers in FL.  We have had a few lately, and my house is spotless. And PP is right, they love water.  I would talk to your management company/HOA about their pest control.
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  • In Atlanta we had that problem frequently!  Gross!!  We had pest control come spray and then made sure to keep all drains closed anytime they were not in use.  They were coming up through the plumbing in our old house so the pest spray did little to keep them away.
  • In a multi-dwelling unit if one has a nasty place with roaches, you can bet they're in everyone's walls (gross!) and they love bathrooms and drains. We had this problem at our last apartment and they refused to do pest control. We found that Combat gel (it's in a big syringe type tube) worked great. They eat it, go back to the nest, die, and get eaten, thereby passing on the poison. We had to put it down every 4-6 months otherwise we would start to see one or two again, but it kept us bug free otherwise.

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  • We started having a roach problem a few years ago when our apartment complex did construction on the apartment next to us (we also had a few mice, but the cat quickly took care of those). We still have some roaches, and they will not go away...of course, I refuse to use any kind of pesticides (yes, I'm a dirty hippie), but cleaning and such alone won't get rid of them. They live in the walls and enter the apartment through electrical outlets and pipes. I've learned to live with the, but unfortunately I think the only way you can truly get rid of them is through a pest treatment.
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  • Pour some bleach down your drains.  We live in an apt right now and on the first floor.  We have a problem with centipedes (which are long and big and disgusting) coming in through the drains.  Pour some bleach down the drains but also talk to your landlord.  That is a sanitary issue for anyone living in that building.  You don't want to continue to get the bugs too.
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