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Hi!  I was wondering if you had any luck on the childcare front.  We just found out I am pregnant and after reading your post I know I need to get on childcare asap.  I feel kinda funny doing it since it is so early in the pregnancy but I want to have the most options available.  I am going to check out St. Mary's for sure as it is so convenient to us (we live right off West End at Cherokee where it turns into Sloan).  Let me know if you have any advice to share.  It seems like you guys live really near us so we would be searching in the same areas.  I work really close to home so don't want to have to fight traffic to Brentwood, Bellevue, etc. if I don't absolutely have to...  Thanks!


Re: **GuitaristsGirl**

  • Hi and congratulations!  Yep, sounds like you and I are in exactly the same boat.  We really haven't had much luck yet at all. I basically just printed the list from the Tennessee State website for surrounding zip codes and started calling or emailing the three star ones.  Every where either a) has a waiting list forever and ever long, b) won't be able to tell me one way or another until next January or February, or c) doesn't have a waiting list at all, which concerns me too!I

    I spoke and emailed with the director of St. Mary's and plan on setting up an appt., but haven't done so yet.  I haven't been overly impressed by our conversations, but its close and people on my previous post indicated it was okay. . . . My husband found two others that might be options, but their names escape me!  I'll check tonight and let you know :)


  • Thank you so much for getting back to me.  I emailed with 2 of the people at St. Mary's today and am planning to go by there sometime soon.  Have you looked into nannies at all?  I am wondering what the typical hourly cost of a nanny is here locally.  My husband and I might have some options to work from home part of the time so I'm interested in places that would do part-time but I know St. Mary's doesn't do that, it is full-time or nothing.  If I can't find a place then I wonder if we could find a nanny for just a couple days a week.  Who knew that childcare would be so difficult??  Good luck to you and I'll definitely share any information I find out. 
  • I know, isn't it insane!  I did look in to nannies - briefly.  I think I went to the Nannies of Green Hills website and they quoted an average per hour cost that, once you include paying taxes, etc., averaged out to $3000 or $4000 a month for full time!  Although you do have a point about part time. . . . I may have to go back and revisit that, as I'm hoping to cut back my hours at work as well :)  Let me know what you learn! 
  • Wow, that is insane!!  I thought the $850/month was a lot for St. Mary's...  Big Smile That goes to show what I know!!  I printed out a ton and I'm going to get to calling this week.  I will definitely let you know what I find out.  When is your due date?  Mine will be end of May (not official yet, I don't go to the doc until mid-Oct).  It is nice to know that there is someone nearby going through the same thing.  Did you go through Nashville Fertility Clinic for your IUI?  We were about to make an appointment after this cycle when we got the news. 
  • butting in, but I pay my nanny $13/hr for 2 kids (sometimes 3). I didn't go through an agency though. My neighbor's nanny was looking for more days and I called her and she couldn't do the days I wanted, but her SIL could so now I have her sister law. I would ask around, especially if you know anyone with a nanny.
  • Butting in as well (sorry guys!!!) to suggest signing up at sittercity.com. ?I paid the annual fee ($95) and now use this site for all of my sitters - I've found some awesome people, and the site is great because you can run background checks and call all your references from there. ?There are a ton of women on that site who are looking for regular nannying positions - and I'd much prefer going through that site than a nanny agency, where you have to pay them a placing fee. ?Most of the people who work for us charge us $10-12 for watching my 14-month old twins.


    Also ?- have you tried the St. Thomas Health system daycare places? ?There is one off of Knob Road, and one by Baptist Hospital. ?I toured the one of Knob and really liked it - it's in an old ranch home that is now converted to a daycare. ?They do have a long waitlist, though. ?Also, look into The Temple daycare - you don't have to be Jewish to go there - I'm not Jewish but I'm thinking of putting my girls in there when they are 2. ?It's apparently wonderful!


  • Thanks I'mRonBurgandy and hoping4!!  To answer one question, I deperately wanted to use St. Thomas.  A good friend and neighbor was *very* pleased with them - but a few months ago they completely closed to non-employees and everyone else had to scatter!  Too bad! 


    Thanks again! 

  • Ladies, thanks so much for your input.  It is so nice to hear from experienced moms!  The nanny option might be feasible for us if I am allowed to work from home a couple days per week.  I would definitely want to look the way you ladies suggested instead of going through Green Hill Nannies.  I have a friend that works for them and I know they have good quality people but we just can't afford it. 

     Thanks so much, if anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them!

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