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Shower Build-up in old house

I recently moved into an old house and the shower just looks like it has had hard water build-up and more of a beating since its been there!

I have tired many cleaners including those specifically for mildew/hard water such as Lime-a-way. It helped, although only a little.

 I cannot afford to replace the shower yet, and I would like if it looked as clean as I scrubbed!


Re: Shower Build-up in old house

  • Have you tried Zep? It's an industrial strength cleaner that you can find at Home Depot. It is cheap so it probably won't hurt to try.


  • Hire a maid. I have no idea what the lady did to our shower, but it looks better than it ever did when I cleaned it. She probably just put more elbow grease into than I did. 

    We were getting the house ready to sell and I scrubbed that thing 3 times with various things and it just looked "ok". But for $75 the maid cleaned the whole house and that shower freaking sparkles.

    - Jena
  • Magic erasers worked a treat for me. wet one and scrub a small area only (nothing more than a few inches). you may have to scrub for a minute or two. once you've "broken through" that area, the rest is a lot easier to scrub and comes off quite easily.
  • We have an old tub too that is super stained. I'm going to have it refinished next year with my tax money. It's only about 250-400$ Depending on the type of tub and how big.
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  • Get some Borax, I get it at Target for $2.99, it's in a box, and you can use it on EVERYTHING, my cousin got me hooked on it, and said her husband always uses too much soap, so she has to clean it regularly or else she'll fall in the shower. So Borax, it's in powder form, and has no chemical smell, which is great for when you're working on a shower, and don't want to inhale all that junk!
  • The only thing that worked in my shower was the Method tub and tile cleaner.
  • Our hard water is like liquid iron and we use The Works products.
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  • It may sound silly...but we have an old tub that was resurfaced and we're not supposed to use anything abrasive or it'll scratch the enamel.  The only thing that really gets it clean...toilet bowl cleaner.  Squirt it on, spread it around so the whole thing has a thin coat.  Leave it to soak a while then come back and rinse it away!  Miracle worker!
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  • We moved into a foreclosure that needs lots of loving. While at Home Depot for repair items we were told about Krud Kutter. An associate said that all of the maids in the area will clean them out of it and if they dont have it, they leave the store. It is amazing! Dilute it because it is very very strong. It brought our tubs, tile, and grout back to life.

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