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Intro and a Q about Kitchen gadget drawer organization

Hello all !  I've been lurking a bit and know you all are very knowledgeable. I need some help organizing my kitchen gadget drawers. I have spatulas, slicers, peelers etc just willy nilly in two different drawers at the moment and can never find what I'm looking for quickly. I've kinda looked at BB&B for like separation inserts, but none seem like they would work. How do you organize these drawers ? Any suggestions or things that have worked for you ? 
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Re: Intro and a Q about Kitchen gadget drawer organization

  • All of the big things (spatulas, spoonulas, spoons, ladles, etc) are standing in a canister next to the stove for easy access. The smaller stuff (veggie peeler, measuring spoons, measuring cups, etc) are in a drawer. The drawer is still a mess though.
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  • We keep out larger items in a container by the store and our smaller Items i.e Pizza cutters and Lemon squeezers in the drawer. I bought wood drawer organizers and now everything is as pretty as it is functional.
    I recently posted our kitchen organization on my website pop by and see the pictures Here's the link:

    Hope it helps

    ~Ashli M



  • I keep everything in the drawer, but I used shelf liner (the non-slide kind) to line the drawer so everything doesn't move around when I open/close the drawer.  I have two small baskets for smaller items, measuring spoons, peeler, can opener, etc that I got at Target or Walmart.


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  • We picked up expandable trays at Ross for a steal and use those for keeping long items organized. I got a wire utensil tray for smaller items (peelers, garlic press, etc.). A couple larger items sit in the drawer next to the tray (spider strainer, attachements for stick blender). The only utensils on our counters are knives in two blocks, but before when we had smaller drawers I also used a countertop caddy.

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  • The other day I had a temporary moment of insanity while trying to put away a whisk.  I opened the drawer, pulled the garbage can over & started tossing! 

    I found 5 whisks - five.  You know, in case H & I ever had to whisk something with each hand at the same time.  And one extra for the baby!

    I tossed all but one.  Along with a bunch of other stuff that hadn't been used in the past 6 months (with the exception of the turkey baster!).  Now the drawer looks empty - and organized ;)

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