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What do you think of Acana?

The woman at the hollistic pet store suggested Pacifica for when we get Chase's (suspected) IBS under control. Frankly, I've never fed anything other than Wellness, so I'm skeered to change. Thoughts on this food?

Tonight we start our food trial (with a big shoutout to Meghan for helping me get started!!). The hollistic vet suggested chicken as our protein since I was feeding that with rice to settle Chase's tummy, and he did get a little better. We'll cut out the rice, and feed chicken and sweet potato, and if he does ok, that'll be his meal for the next month. Wish us luck!

Re: What do you think of Acana?

  • We've fed both Acana and Orijen (made by the same company - Champion). Right now we're doing the Acana Grasslands and Zoey likes it! We'll probably get a different flavor next time.
  • I like it.

    ETA: hit post too fast

    we are rotating between Acana and Orijen foods for our dogs, both are grain free and I trust the company that makes them

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  • image Stac928:

    I like it.

    ETA: hit post too fast

    we are rotating between Acana and Orijen foods for our dogs, both are grain free and I trust the company that makes them

    This is something really important to me, which is why I like Wellness.

  • We feed Pacifica and it has been great. I have corresponded with the company, and they have been wonderful to deal with. Pacifica is ethoxyquin free as well.
  • I really like Champion Foods (Orijen and Acana).  I have talked with them a few times about things and those are the only two that I'm trusting for treats.  I'm mainly feeding raw, but I like to have some kibble in a treat ball or for games and I really like that they are grain free and have good, trustworthy products.
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  • I'm glad that you were able to get some help from the h-vet and at the store. Acana would be fine to feed him when things get under control.

    If you want a variation of cooking the chicken, you can put a whole chicken in the crock pot with water, carrots and celery and cook it on high for about 6 hours. The chicken will start to fall off the bone and I'm going to guess that Chase will be in heaven.

  • Champion is my new favorite food company, now that Natura sold out to P&G (speaking of which, P&G just recalled a bunch of pet foods Confused). 

    I think that there are occasionally supply issues for their fish formulas, because of the way they procure the fish.  I think they're fairly selective about it, so if they can't get it, they can't make the food and people and their pets are SOL.  That's the only negative I've come up with off the top of my head.

  • I've never personally used it but I've heard a lot of good things about Acana and the company.
  • If I could find it around us, I'd feed it in a heartbeat.
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