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Can you get out of jury duty if you're going to be on vacation?

I got called for jury duty in a couple of weeks but we're going to be out of town. Can I get out of this, and if so, how? I don't see a "I'll be out of town" choice on the disqualifications list.

Re: Can you get out of jury duty if you're going to be on vacation?

  • Usually you can.  I just called when I was in the middle of moving and they said no big deal and made a note.
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  • When I responded online, it asked if I had any prior plans during that time ... although I never have, so I don't know what would happen if I'd answered Yes. Like PP said, I'm sure they won't make a big deal out of it. If they went around ruining people's vacations all the time, we'd hear about it! LOL
  • i remember during the times that i've had to go, when everyone is gathered at the beginning, the judge would ask for those who had legitimate excuses to come down and tell him what they were.  he said that included prepaid travel plans, like an airline ticket.  

    another time, the judge just asked everyone who needed to leave to raise their hands.  they counted and determined that they still had more than enough people, so we got to leave, no questions asked.

    eta: i would think you could call and explain, and it wouldn't be a problem. 

  • Like pp mentioned - I did the pre-qualification online, and it asked me to click on a calendar and highlight all of the days I had obligations and could not attend jury duty.  I had a business trip and personal trip in there, and they scheduled me around those.
  • I think they'll just reschedule you.  the first time I was called I was still in school so they "kindly" rescheduled me during the summer.  lucky me!  Stick out tongue
    merry everything!

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