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Updates, here please.

Post your updates here. I feel so out of the loop.

We bought B a new laptop so now I dont have to share mine.

I will be on in the morning before the gym (8am) and then again when B2 goes to bed (830/9). I might check in during the day, but I can't make any promises.

Re: Updates, here please.

  • Nothing too exciting going on with us! B just celebrated his 1st bday on the 15th! He's feeling good, so things are improving! Addie just finished her first dance class, and loved it. Joe and I are doing very well for a change : ) So all and all I can't complain.
  • Nothing too new, leaving for vacation next friday, we find out what baby is on the 19th, then back to work on the 30th
  • Nothing new here, unfortunately...  DH is still unemployed.  Saturday will be one year.  :(
  • Getting ready for a big fundraiser this Sunday.  Cabrewing trip next weekend.  August is just a crazy month all together.

    Got started on our bathroom renovation.  Oh, and J's car has taken a sh*t, AGAIN, so it's in the shop.  Thank God for my parents loaning us their car for a few days.  I'm really starting to think August hates us (last August was when we had all kinds of issues pile up at once too, hah).

    We miss you around here!

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  • C will be 2 next week! New job is still freaking awesome, we just got back from an NYC/NJ trip, next Thurs-Sat we'll be in RI for a wedding, and then I leave for a work-related DC trip on Sunday night.

    Started potty training last weekend, which excites me greatly :)

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  • Timot finished his semester.  He had a 94 going into the exam for the class so as long as he didn't bomb it he should be in good shape.  So I get DH all to myself for the next three weeks...oh wait...I have to work this weekend??  Oh and we have to go camping and visit IL's in two weeks??

    So I get ONE weekend with DH!

    He doesn't know but I'm planing a surprise trip to Indy to see our friends there.  I've never been and from the updates they give me it's gonna be party central next weekend.

    Annnnd I turn the BIG 3-0 on Aug 9th!  So the Indy weekend is also a party for me and my birthday month!


  • I'm finishing up my summer classes.  One ended yesterday and the other ends next Thursday.  Then, next Saturday, R and I are heading up north with my parents and sister and a bunch of friends.  DH doesn't have vacation, so the poor guy needs to stay home again.  After that, it's back to school for meetings the week of the 16th and school starts on the 25th.  (Yep!  That's right, we have a weeks worth of back to school meetings...and she fills our time, so we have to work in our classrooms on our own time.) 

    I'm still feeling great!  Just kinda waiting for the morning sickness and fatigue to set in - which I am sure will come when school starts.  That's what I get for testing so early!  I actually went for a 20 minute run yesterday morning!  

    R is doing awesome!  I'm going to have a really hard time going back to work and not seeing him all day!  Thankfully, he adores the sitter and on the days that he does go right now, he's all excited!

  • nothing new here.....   still dealing with my mil's health issues.   signing up for a year's worth of personal training at the gym and my sessions start next week.   i decided to start getting serious (again) about losing the weight and keeping it off (need to before we start ttc).   i need to be accountable to someone since i'm not accountable to myself or anyone else at the moment.   hopefully my body will survive my trainer Stick out tongue    (i had a freebie training session a couple of months ago and could barely move for a
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  • DH was finally received an offer for the job he's been serving as interim since Apr. 1. He's going to take it, but has questions before saying yes. Pluses: permanent position (vs being contract), vacation, benefits, retirement. Minuses: no vacation for rest of year since he was hired after July 1 (total BS), overtime will be paid straight pay instead of 1.5, pay is lower than he was expecting.

    Airing deck got re-roofed, and DH fixed the crumbling plaster wall in the half bath that the roof ruined. More house projects done, next is replacing doors and the kitchen!

    I'm going to join a gym when school loans are paid off soon and get more serious about fitness. My eating habits have suffered lately and I'm not happy w/myself. Trying to motivate myself and make positive changes in many ways, will be very challenging.

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  • Glad to see you back on here!!

    I've been doing a lot of playing with the girls and then working. Trying to relax as much as possible before the stress of school and three kids starts. 

    I can't believe how grown up Charli is getting. She is just so smart and seems way too big for her age. She's supposed to be my baby still!! lol.

    Other than that ... not much going on. I'm really excited about my classes this semester. Peds and OB! 

  • I have no exciting updates.  Still work in one levvel of hell or another.  They have yet to give me clear direction on what they want me to do.  Still work pt at the other place.  Both HR positions I recently interviewed I got the old "Thanks but no thanks."

    That's pretty much it.

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  • I just got back from vaca =)  We put a bid on a house just before we left and the offer was accepted, were just awaiting final approval from the bank.. Thats my exciting news Big Smile

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  • We're basically just trying to figure out what our next move is.  I was thinking about skating again this season for my old team (all the girls who were just mean to everyone outside of their *** circle and made the whole thing miserable all left, lol) but now they aren't having a team at all probably.

    We're 95% positive we are moving back to the Cleveland area.  We've been applying for jobs like crazy and we won't move unless we have jobs to move for of course (it kind of amazes me how much more expensive comparable apartments are in Cleveland than they are here- yikes!  We've been out of Cleveland longer than we thought I guess!), but it's stressful because of the timing.  But we're going home SO often and most of our LIFE is in Cleveland, while our work and a handful of friends are in Toledo.  We're coming up on two wedding marathon months so unless something big happens (which it might- fingers crossed!) we'll stick around here until those have passed.

    Shocker factor- as I posted below, my grandpa with Alzheimer's is in end stage renal failure.  They're still running some tests to see what exactly caused his bloodwork/urinalysis to come back that way (because he doesn't have ANY symptoms but hey, blood/pee doesn't lie) but as of today he is officially on hospice care.  So it's beginning. :(

    We were planning on going to Mackinac in 3 weeks for our anniversary, but depending on what's happening with my Poppa, we may postpone it.

    Keep fingers crossed about the job situation and pray for my grandpa!!

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