Red Eyes in German Shepherd

Hey guys!

I know a lot of you have had a lot of dogs, so I hope maybe someone can advise me since the vet is out of the office for the night.

My 1 1/2 old Shepherd has blood red "whites of eye" (sclera).  She is not digging at them, squinting, blinking excessively, and seems to be her normal self.

She ate and drank fine, she has been playing all night with our other dogs, but after googling about eye infections, I am worried about all kinds of horrible things.

Would you take her in the morning to the vet for eye drops if she still has redness tomorrow when it just appeared today or would you wait to see if she has just gotten dust or something to cause the irritation since she doesn't seem to be bothered?


Re: Red Eyes in German Shepherd

  • I would call your vet (although it is probably too late tonight).

    I would at least call in the morning if the redness continues.

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