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Happy Hump Day!

Goooooooood Morning this fine Wednesday.

How was your night? Anything going on today/tonight?

Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog

Re: Happy Hump Day!

  • Last night I went to my grandma's for dinner and then home to watch some tv. 

    Tonight I have to bake, bake and do more baking.  I knew this would happen I would wait til the last minute to get everything done for my sister's shower.  Tonight I'm baking cookies and probably the cake.  I also need to go grocery shopping.

  • I spent most of yesterday in a book and enjoyed it. Then I went to the gym, a little grocery shopping, and another walk. Today I have an appointment and then plan on spending the rest of the day getting things done around the house.
  • Hi everyone, havent had a chance to get on here since work has been crazy due to my short week.

    Last night had to work late and then did a quick visit to the printers to get my friend's wedding programs printed. After I got home, I tried to finish my packaging but still have some stuff I need to do tonight. 

    Today hoping to leave slightly early from work so I can finish up some loose ends at home. My flight to Boston leaves tonight at 10 so H is going to drive me up to LAX. I'm excited for this trip since I'm flying first class tonight woohoo!

  • Noush- that's awesome about flying first class!

    We went to my dr's appt. Ivy is estimated to be 6.5 lbs. Came home and did lots of cleaning. Relaxed and took a walk.

    Today, not much planned. Continue cleaning, walk, go to the grocery store. Cook something for dinner.

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  • worked over night... took a nap with the girls this am.  cleaned a little played with the girls a lot and no just chilling...  can't wait for bed tonight!!!  I'm tired!
  • Diana-what book?

    Brandi-Good luck! I always do the same thing

    Noush-so jealous!!

    Robyn-Yey Ivy!!

    Shannon-hope you get some rest

    My night was the same. Baked some brownies. Isabel decided we were all mermaids so we had pasta shells for dinner :) Today I hit the mall after work exchanged some jeans, tried the new bra store. Than went to my drs appt. Tonight same stuff. Need to get kids to bed early since I have to be at work at 3:30 tom. but at least I get to leave at 9 for another dr appt

  • image katdcliff:

    Diana-what book?

    Something Borrowed. I really liked it and just requested the next one in the series. I also started The Help last night so I can read it done before we leave.

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