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Another Sizzler Today!

So what is everyone doing to beat the heat?
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Re: Another Sizzler Today!

  • We have closed every door and window, and closed the blinds of any window that has them. Our downstairs cans stay decently cool with just a few fans, so we are counting on that. I think this is going to motivate DH to get our new curtains up on the sliding glass door so we can block more of the sun/heat.
  • Sitting in the air conditioned house.  Trying not to use the oven or anything that will make the house hotter.  Using the blow up pool too.
  • My office is 85 degrees and I don't have a fan (not allowed to have fans in prison- they could be weapons).

    So I have a gallon jug of ice water right next to me and I am chugging like there is no tomorrow.

    Plus side: It is like a free sauna- thanks humidity. #2: Drinking lots of water is good for us.

    Down Side: I have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes, lol! I am right next to the inmates' office, and they watch me go back and forth all day long- awkward!

    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
  • I couldn't believe that last evening at 10 it was still 90 in Riverside. Ugh! My feet have swelled up so much more than normal since became hotter. I have been trying to keep drinking lots of water but it's not helping.
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  • blah!!  I couldnt beleive when i walked out from work this morn at 730 that is ws ALREADY 85!!!!  thank goodness my husband had the air on before i got home or i never would had been able to take my "nap" (if u would like to call it that).  We keep it up pretty high, but its cooler then outside so it works!!!
  • Had to go get a little fan that clipped to my desk at work because the air is out in the office. Miserable, i tell you. Have my hair in pigtails which the kids think is so funny....Lots of water and of course AF had to show up today. Fan feels great tho. House is at 80 but since that is 20 degrees cooler then outside it feels wonderful.
  • Had the AC in the car on all day, went swimming at my neighbors house and had a Popsicle. Ditto on the swelling Robin!
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