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HELP - Dog yelping/crying for no reason?


So one of our dogs seems like he's in pain - he has been yelping then crying (and then occasionally bites if he's really upset) to our touch, but it's NEVER the same place.

Right now he was just on  our balcony & I see him get up & cry in pain. Yet just before he ran & jumped on the bed! We just came home, went to pet him & he yelped then whimpered like we were torturing him.

This had been going on for a few of course we took him to the vet this morning. They went over his whole body, no whimpers or cries. NOTHING! He seemed fine. Vet doesn't think it's a slipped disc or anything like that. Gave us some muscle relaxers & some pain meds - says if it continues to give a call & come back on Monday (I think then try X-rays). So of course we feel better then come home & he's acting even worse. I'm so frustrated! Why not whimper when the vet is touching him all over...yet we BARELY touch him & he's crying like crazy.

He's also moving really slow. Our other dog tried to play with him this morning & he yelped/cried. He is just moping around, I feel so bad. I don't want him in pain.

Since we already took him to the vet, I'm just looking for any opinions you ladies have...why he would be doing this - things I can have the vet look for (since we are obviously going to have to go back pretty soon). Any help is appreciated. This guy is our baby!

Re: HELP - Dog yelping/crying for no reason?

  • How old and what kind of dog is he?

    Our large dog went through a really fast growth spurt when he was about 10 months old and he howled like he was in pain.  It was intermittent and fortunately only lasted about a week.

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  • I'm sorry about your pup.  Isn't it funny how they act differently at the vet's office.

    Could it be gas? I know Maxie (who has a digestive disorder) will cry if his tummy is gassy.  

    Are the meds not working at all?

  • He's approximately 6 and he's a terrier mix (the tan dog in my signature).

    I don't think it's gas...he gets really upset around his head/neck/chest area. But it's not ONE spot. We were just rubbing his chest & he was FREAKING - crying, nothing & his chest is fine. It seems to change constantly.

    Could he have a tumor?? Something else wrong on the inside??? The vet went over all his bones and thought he looked good. He was also jumping up on the chair at the vet & the vet thought that was really good. Then he gets home & is all sluggish and crying constantly.

    I'm so upset b/c he's obviously hurting - yet I feel like we cannot pin point itCrying

  • Has he been tested for Lyme recently?
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  • Lyme' mother suggested that too. I don't think Lyme's is very prevalent in San Diego (I'm from NJ so it was the first thing she was thinking!)

    I can ask the doctor about that...thank you! This is why I posted - to get suggestions to ask the vet when we go back :)

    Oh - and to the other poster, doesn't seem like any meds are working yet since he was yelping SO much this afternoon - we gave him a 1/4 of the muscle relaxer & 1/2 a pain pill...

  • Did they check his mouth to make sure he didn't crack a tooth or anything in there?
  • Yes, they checked in his mouth too :( He didn't even make a peep when they did that.

    RIght now he looks like he's such an old dog! He is barely moving. I'm so upset about this...I want to get him back to normal before I go into labor!!

  • Sounds dumb, but can you film his behavior and show that to your vet.  Sometimes dogs just act differently at the vet (kind of like how your car never makes "the noise" at the mechanics). 

    Our vet wanted us to do this with our older dog who was having some strange behaviors.  


  • image straymo:

    Sounds dumb, but can you film his behavior and show that to your vet.  Sometimes dogs just act differently at the vet (kind of like how your car never makes "the noise" at the mechanics). 

    Our vet wanted us to do this with our older dog who was having some strange behaviors.  


    I agree with this.  It wasn't until my Dad who is a neuro specialist (not in animals but w.e) saw one of our cats at home that we were able to sort out why she was having sight issues. 

    image "...Saving just one pet won't change the world...but, surely, the world will change for that one pet..."
  • That is a great idea. We just got home & again he seems worse. I don't understand (especially being fine this morning at the vet). I'm starting to get depressed - I hate seeing him like this!

    Maybe I'll try to e-vet tomorrow...I'm going to see if I can get his behavior on film today though. Thank yoU!!

  • This is very poodle is acting the same way...

    Last Saturday, I noticed him tilting his head really low and following me everywhere...then I tried to pick him up and he started whining and it got worse from there.  When I touched his chest/neck/shoulder area, he would go crazy and try to bite us.  Then...on Sunday afternoon, he was fine...wanted to walk, run around, etc.  Today, he began to lower his head again to the right and began to whimper when I picked him up.  I laid down beside him and rubbed his chest are and under his chin and he freaked out.  When I give him a dog massage around his shoulders, he seems to relax, but he is definitely not himself.  I am taking him in on Monday...but, wanted to see if you heard anything more from the vet.

     My dog did have a large lump above his left eye for about a year and just recently, it began to decrease in size...not sure if it was a cyst/tumor and maybe it is draining,etc...

     I took him to an ophthalomologist for dogs a year ago and they said they would need to do surgery to determine what it was...

    I chose to wait it out...a year later, it is either moving or decreasing in size...hmmm???

     I was thinking ...maybe this is related...not sure.



  • I know it's been a few years, but my dog is displaying this behavior. Did you ever figure it out? Thank you
  • GarciaHGarciaH
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    edited January 2014
    If you guys notice this with your dogs, I suggest you go to the vet immediately.

    I searched for this problem and didn't really find a solution and maybe it's just my dog with this particular problem.

    We have a Maltese and he was displaying these signs. He would 'cry' for no reason.

    Long story short, we took him to the vet to get checked out. They did a full exam...X-rays and blood work.

    The vet told us that he has rocks in his urethra and pancreas. And that he has stomach problems

    She called us back with the blood work and said that surgery is needed.

    She gave him a steroid shot and it helped a bit because he is somewhat happier but still cries.

    Anyone know of a good vet that does this type of surgery in Northern NJ?
    She said it would cost about $3,000-$5000 which we don't have.

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