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Going to see Eclipse by myself

I can't wait to see Eclipse and H isn't all that into it.  I tried to get him to go with me Friday before we go out of town for the 4th but he doesn't want to.  So I plainly asked him today if he wanted to see it at all and he said, "Not really."  So I've decided I'm going to a matinee tomorrow all by my lonesome.  Sigh.  I miss my girlfriends.
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Re: Going to see Eclipse by myself


    I've always wanted to go to a movie by myself.

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  • ditto what Tappin said, I've neever had the balls to go to a movie by myself.
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  • WTG

    I would totally go on my own. Get me some private Edward time. Big Smile

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  • I didn't want to look like a loser.  haha.  It's the first time to go to a movie solo.  But I do love some one-on-one Edward time.
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  • I went by myself. It really isn't a big deal. When I went by myself to New Moon I ended up buddying up with someone else there by themselves.
  • DO IT!  I go to the movies alone once a month, and I love it!  I saw Eclipse last night with my mom b/c I wanted to do the midnight showing, but I will definitely be going again sometime soon by myself.  I usually make a whole day of it, getting a huge flavored latte or other bad-for-you drink/breakfast item, then drive to a mall that is about an hour from my house & shop for a bit & then go pick out a movie and see it alone.  I haven't gotten the balls yet to go out for a meal by myself anywhere other than the food court, but I would love to get to that point.

    My husband and family/friends all think it's silly, but I think they're all secretly jealous of my "Date Myself" days...

    Have fun tomorrow!  You'll see, it's way more relaxing to go alone, not have someone hushed-whispering to you, stealing your arm rest, or "sharing" your snacks.  I love it, and I think you will, too!
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    Oh, don't worry about it and just go! I might be going solo also if my girlfriends all decide on a date that I can't make (majority rules in our group). I have no problem going to movies alone since you don't really do any talking or anything.

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  • I would have done it, but I was able to talk DH into it b/c it's my birthday, LOL. Otherwise it wouldn't have happened.
  • Good for you! I have friends who are Twi fans but none wanted to do the midnight show, I had to BEG 2 girlfriends to go with me and they did, otherwise I would have gone alone!
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  • I may go alone this weekend if FI doesn't want to go. I told him I'd buy dinner after the movie if he went.
  • Go!! I have seen all of them by myself so far!! I don't mind doing things alone though. I would have gone with some friends if I had any hereSad

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  • hey, I'm going solo to the afternoon matinee tomorrow too :)
  • Nothing wrong with that!

    I went to Eclipse by myself last night and enjoyed every second of it!

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  • I go to the movies by myself all the time. I went and saw Eclipse yesterday by myself and it was awesome.

    I am an emotional movie watcher and being alone when I watch movies, I can just be free to just watch and not worry about someone laughing at me when I cry at scenes (ahem, DH ;)

    Our beautiful Maya :)

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  • I love going to movies by myself!!! I can put my total and complete concentration on the show and nothing else!!!

    I went to see Eclipse for the second time yesterday afternoon with a gf and DH went to see Toy Story by himself lol

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