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watched Remember Me last night

I hadn't seen it yet and got it from Netflix last week. I really enjoyed it. I was totally shocked by the ending though, even though I knew exactly what was going to happen when I saw the date on the chalkboard. I was actually angry at first, but after sleeping on it I think it was a good ending to the movie. Was anybody else as shocked with the ending as I was when they first saw it?
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Re: watched Remember Me last night

  • I was completely shocked. My jaw literally dropped. I knew there was a sad ending from what people had said on the board, but I did not see that coming at all. For some reason I got it my mind that it was post 9-11. When they showed Tyler standing in the window I started crying. I thought it was very well done. My H liked it too, I heard him recommending it to a friend, which really surprised me:)
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    I assumed it was post 9-11 too. In fact, I never really even thought about it until Tyler mentioned the date his brother killed himself and then it really registered when I saw the chalkboard. It was done very well and though a surprising and upsetting ending, it was good.
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  • I thought it was an excellent movie.

    I was completely shocked.  I knew there was a big surprise ending, but I didn't get spoiled by any of the pics or interviews that gave stuff away before I saw it.  I cried more when I watched it with the commentary the other night, I think because I knew it was coming.

    It's not the same old lovey dovey romance that you see ALL THE TIME that is so predictable you can literally write the movie while you are watching it.  It was so different and unexpected.  The movie business needs more originality like this.

    And I thought it was done respectfully to anyone who was affected by 9/11.

    I thought Rob was amazing...he needs more credit than being "that vampire guy" for realz.


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  • I was definitely shocked be the ending. As I was crying the Ugly Cry, I told my husband they needed to give us a disclaimer to bring kleenex LOL! I thought that Rob did a good job. I'm curious to see him in Water for Elephants. I think he is doing a good job making sure that he is seen as more than just Edward Cullen, sparkly vampire with good hair.

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  • I was a crying idiot both times I saw it in the theater. That day brings back so many memories of the people that suffered..I knew way too many families affected by it. I was completely clueless though, even after seeing the date..I was thinking oh they are learning about 9/11. Then I realized he was in a tall building and my heart was in my stomach. I was so emotional. I almost thought they would show the plane hit. FI also thought it was well done and didn't expect it, he handled it well though being that he was in the army at the time and has been to Iraq twice since those attacks.
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  • I loved it! I think Rpatz did an awesome job breaking out of his vamp cage and into something more mature. The end still shocks me.
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