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Kidd Kraddick divorce

So, I don't listen to the morning show as much as I used to, but I heard he got divorced.. then the guys on the Jagger show said he had an affair with Taylor?!?! I was like no way.. they also said that is why she moved away to Cali. So, did he really get divorced?

Re: Kidd Kraddick divorce

  • I don't listen much anymore either. But here's his blog entry that talks about it. Supposedly he read this on the air...



  • Okay that made me cry. I don't wish divorce on anybody. That is so sad.
  • Darn it! I can't read it, work is blocking the site. Will have to read when I get home tonight.
  • Yes, he got divorced. In addition to the blog, which is what he read on the air, if you go to the website, there is a K-pod of him reading it on the air. I missed it, but it was apparantly quite emotional.

    You can't really believe things you hear other morning (or any) DJs say about others on the air. Kidd even commented in his blog that he was sure other DJs would say things. If he had had an affair, I imagine the other DJs would have been saying something about it a long time ago. Kidd didn't talk about his separation or divorce out of respect for his now ex-wife and daughter, but I don't imagine other DJs would hold that same respect.

    Maybe I'm just naive about it, but he doesn't seem the type. And from what I've heard of Kellie's reaction, I can't imagine that she would be as upset and supportive of him as she has if that were even a rumor.


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  • I knew for a while, b/c my friend sold him a loft in Las Colinas when he seperated. She said he was the most flightly annoying guy she's ever been around.

    I have always felt like the show and the identity he puts forward is nothing but a BIG facade.

    Yes, he has done great things with the Kidd's kids but it all seamed that his intentions were for the attention and fame of it all. (just my opinion)

  • I heard him read that a couple weeks ago.  The end of a marriage is sad and only the 2 people in the marriage know the issues.  Judge not lest you be judged.
  • image samk213:
    The end of a marriage is sad and only the 2 people in the marriage know the issues.  Judge not lest you be judged.

    I agree.  

  • That makes me sad. I've grown up listening to him and hearing of their divorce reminds me of my own parents divorce, and that happened when I was 8! Its weird how you can feel so connected to a person you've never actually met.
  • For those who couldn't bring up his blog on your work computers, I c&p'd the blog entry for you:

    Life Changes...

    Posted by?Kidd Kraddick?on August 29, 2008 at 8:30am

    Previous Post??|??Next PostView Blog Posts

    It took me about a month to write this blog. I would start it, write a sentence or two and lean on the backspace key until it was all erased.

    Writing about the end of a marriage is not easy.

    To some of you, this is old news. A few of you already know or at least have suspected for some time that something was up.

    For the past year and a half, I have talked very little on the air (or any place else, for that matter) about my personal life. For those who?ve been listening to our show for a long time, it may have been clear that something wasn?t right.

    Carol and I separated over a year ago, and this past April our divorce was finalized.

    That?s very hard for me to say and write. I?ve only said it aloud to a very few close personal friends. Just like I told them, I hope you understand that Carol and I don?t want to go into huge personal detail about this.

    It has been really hard for me to go from talking constantly about my family to almost never mentioning them on the show. I would still share stories of Caroline but not with the same detail or frequency that I used to. Out of respect for her privacy, I stopped talking about my wife completely. I got many emails from concerned listeners asking me if what they suspected was true. I didn?t take it as nosy or intrusive. I took it for what it was?people who have grown up listening to me, shared life with me, and who were now concerned that my life had changed in some negative way. I was flattered that they cared and it killed me that I couldn?t answer them.

    Every morning on the show, there has been a big elephant in the room. When we made the decision to end our marriage, I explained the situation to Kellie, Al, and JC, and as you would expect from these good friends, they understood and honored our family?s privacy. I know it?s been hard, and I do want to thank them.

    Even though we haven?t lived together for a long time, we jointly decided that I would not discuss this on the air because we wanted to protect Caroline and ease her through this transition. We knew it would be best for her to keep our private lives private, especially since Caroline was in her senior year and preparing for her own personal shift from high school to college.

    If you are a parent, I know you understand that reasoning.

    I believe that the majority of the mistakes in our marriage were mine. If you?ve listened long, then you can guess what a challenge it must have been to live with me. I?m ridiculously A.D.D., I can be emotional, stubborn, egotistical, and a lot of times I say things without thinking first. Most of all, I?m an incurable workaholic just like my dad was. I?m addicted to my job and have been since I was a teenager.

    Taking the show national created new pressures. I had so much more on my plate, I was traveling all the time, and there were times I let my work take priority over my family. I was also dealing with the death of my dad and other extended family issues. But as many of you have experienced, there?s usually no one reason when a marriage ends. We jointly made this decision, and although we both hate the clich?, ?We grew apart,? in our case, it was really true.

    I know there will be gossip and speculation and rumors. Honestly, it would be silly for me to think that won?t happen. We talk about celebrity break-ups all the time on the show and I?ve thrown in my snide comments about people I don?t even know. I have to tell you I don?t have much of a taste for that stuff anymore.

    Other media people will talk about this on their shows, some of them in a vicious way. There is nothing I can do about it except hope that you will see that for what it is---exploiting another person?s pain.

    I can tell you that Carol and I are on good terms, and the three of us are trying our best to forge ahead in this new reality. I have immense respect and love for her. She is a truly a good person and just might be the world?s greatest mother.

    There was no nasty divorce drama. We didn?t even use divorce lawyers. We still talk and are able to go to dinner as a family. Most importantly, Carol and I share our daughter?s special moments side-by-side. We just spent three days with Caroline moving into her college dorm.

    Just so you know, our daughter is doing great. She has weathered this storm with renewed faith, class and strength. We are both so proud of her. She?s in college (gulp), and as she told me when I told her how much I?d miss her, ?Dad I got into my first-choice school, and I?m getting to do exactly what I want to do for the next four years. I?m really lucky. Just be happy for me.?

    I?ll try.

    This is the hardest thing I have ever experienced. For those who wondered why it looked like I lost a bunch of weight, even though I didn?t need to, now you know why. All three of us are still trying to figure everything out and grow as people.

    I hope you understand why it?s taken so long for me to discuss this. Truly, almost every decision we have made and will continue to make revolves around one question: ?In light of our decision, what?s best for our daughter?

    I hesitate to use the words ?failed marriage? because it wasn?t a failure. We lived and loved together and nothing that produced such an amazing and beautiful person as our daughter should ever be called a failure.

    To be honest, most times I don?t really know what to do with myself. Being considered a ?family man? was a great source of pride for me. If you?ve met me in person over the years, the odds are good that I forced you to sit down and look at dozens of pictures of my family on my cell phone. Sounds a little weird, but I still do it. I don?t think I will ever find any joy that compares to being a dad. It is now my number one priority.

    Knowing you guys almost as well as you know me, I have faith that you will understand how personal this is and how careful I?m trying to be to protect my family.?

  • That's sad to hear. I remember listening him talk about his family on the air. Divorce is hard, no matter what the situation, so my heart goes out to him and his family.
  • It's no one's business but his own, it's sick that people would spread rumors about what happened with his marriage.


  • I'm sad to hear that.  I agree...no one's business but their own.
  • What a bummer!  I haven't listened to KISS in a long time, but I know Kidd is/was a big family man.  I am sad for him and his family.

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  • poor Jagger - spreading ugly rumors will not boost your sad little show the 20ish slots you would need to beat KKITM - maybe you should try to get back on the Edge - you were only about 15 slots behind back then

    and Sim Doh - i know Kidd and his family personally - he is completely hyper and A.D.D. - a total creative type and often hard to please - but i've met very few men who love their families more than Kidd- and i can say that even after the divorce - sometimes, things just don't work out - and that's just my opinion

  • What a sad thing to read... so much love and emotion went into writing that and I can only imagine it was difficult. Agree... it's no ones business but his own. My heart goes out to his family.
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