Help: My dachshund is Wheezing

I haven't taken him to the vet yet, but my doxie has been wheezing frequently lately. Sounds like he's choking, but he's not actually choking. He usually does it when he gets excited, but lately he's been doing it in the middle of the night.

Has your dog done that before? What causes it? I don't wanna go to the vet and spend hundred of dollars if it's a simple thing.

Re: Help: My dachshund is Wheezing

  • With a lot of dogs is just a reaction to them being over excited. I would still go to a vet to make sure he is ok and then you can better deal with it in the future.
  • Go to youtube and search "reverse sneezing."  If that's it, it can be stopped by simply placing your hand over their nose until they stop.
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  • I was also thinking reverse sneezing. Our little guy gets really worked up sometimes and it will happen.  I just cover his nose and it stops almost right away.  It sounds like it is painful for them or that it must hurt but our vet reassured us that it really is not painful for them.

  • Do you use a leash or a halter? It could be the beginning stages of collapsing trachea if you use a leash.
  • reverse sneezing, collapsed trachea or allergy reaction?
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  • We have three doxies and two of ours do it. The heavier they are the more frequently it happens, but the vet says its probably not anything to worry about... I would still get yours checked out, but I wouldn't panic. Its probably more stressful for you than it is for him.
  • Thanks ladies. It sounds like what he has. I thought he has asthma or something. We tried putting hands over his nose and he stops. I think I just need to keep him calm, he gets super excited when we come home. I gotta keep myself calm when I come home b/c usually I'm so happy to see them I start doing the annoying high pitched greeting that my DH hates! My doxie is a bit heavy, I tried diet food, and reduced caloric intake, and walking him regularly but he hasn't lost weight yet, maybe something wrong with him medically so i'll take him in to see his doctor. Bailey loves going to the vets! He's weird like that :)
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