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can you get couch cushions restuffed?

My couches need new cushions or foam or something cause there is no support anymore, they just smoosh like pancakes- and since new ones are out- I wanted to see if I can get new firm foam or something to restuff them- any ideas?

Re: can you get couch cushions restuffed?

  • Absolutely. I was an interior designer before being a sahm and we used to do this for our clients all the time.?

    I don't have a rec. for your area but try calling custom upholstery shops and getting some prices.?

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  • Ours are like that too....I know Joann's fabric sells foam in various widths, but I don't know how their quality would compare to a custom upholstry store.  We should probably replace ours, but it'll be a little pricey and it's tough to get the fabric around the cushion!  We turned ours around because the front of the cushion was smooshed in and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it back on correctly!
  • Where did you buy your couch? That happened to us, too. We got ours from Thomasville and we were able to buy new cushions. We had a choice between two different materials (down or foam) and the man who delivered them said that they had improved them (we only had them for about 4 years and they were awful!). It is a big couch and I think it was a little over $100 per cushion. I think they should have been free for what we spent on the couch!
  • My MIL had hers restuffed.  There was a place in Passaic.  She wasn't sure of the name but it was on Monroe Street...its not somewhere you want to go alone or with Kieran.  But they did a great job.  I remember when she had them done and they were nice and firm. 




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