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Baseboard radiators and curtain length

We have baseboard radiators and I don't know what to do about curtain length.  The previous owners had short curtains, but I like the look of the ones that go to the floor.  Does it matter-both safety wise and for the condition of the curtains if they go to the floor?


Re: Baseboard radiators and curtain length

  • we have baseboard heat and mine go to the floor. i can't see it being a problem unless the covers are off and the curtain is sitting directly on the coils.
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  • We have baseboard and I stopped my curtain length short (as did the previous owners in the bottom picture). Of course it would be idea if the curtains could go all the way to the floor; however, I am a big fan of safety over decor and even the though of having cloth near the radiator is pretty scary. Saftey first!



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