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Foyer Ideas for a Bi-level House

I need decorating ideas for a bi-level house foyer. We keep our shoes at the "bottom of the stairs" which is right in front of the front door. I can't put in anything too deep or high because then it will be in the walkway to the stairs. I have a short, narrow bench that I found at Target several years ago, but it's started to fall apart. My goals are to have somewhere to keep the shoes neat, somewhere to hang my purse, and somewhere to put my husband's keys, wallet, etc. when he walks in the door. Any ideas?

Re: Foyer Ideas for a Bi-level House

  • do you have a pic?

    dimensions of the entry floor?



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  • Would a bench with an open compartment underneath work? You could put the shoes in there. Or get baskets to go underneath so you could hide the shoes in them. And then maybe a shelf with hooks to hang your purse & keys could go above it.



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