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Real Housewives of NJ

Is Danielle absolutely the most self-centered person EVER!?!?

PS my nephew has cancer and when we had  a benefit for him I would have been livid if people had been up there and cussing and acting a fool!


Re: Real Housewives of NJ

  • I was just going to post about this!

    She is RIDICULOUS... anyone who has ever had any kind of reception knows that the facility just puts out the number of tables and chairs that is asked. Yeah, if you bring 10 people unannounced then they won't have a seat.

  • She is absolutely ridiculous...I have no other words.

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  • I just made a message post about all of this! Agree completely. She's lost her marbles.

  • It is funny that some of the other girls were on the fence about her and now they are like....she is crazy.
  • we all think she's crazy....yet Dina and Jacqueline always seem to reach out to her every once in a while. But I think that is all drama that the producers encourage. Anyone else would just cut off contact for good.
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  • True, but there really would not be a show if not for her. The others ones are all related and get along for the most part. 
  • She's a nutjob who is overly paranoid in addition to being self-centered.

    I love how the big conspiracy developed out of that one kid telling that older lady they were in for a "big surprise" because of the clothing.

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