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BR: Being outside

Today we finally got up the courage to take G to our family g2g at my aunt's pool. We didn't end up going until early evening, so it was cooling down and G and I just hung out in the shade. It was soooo nice to get out in the fresh air though!

Obviously-I won't take her out in 90 degree weather but at what temp is it still ok to take her out on walks/etc if she's in the shade or shaded by her stroller canopy, etc? I'm just kinda going stir crazy being cooped up in the house all day but I feel bad going outside with her because it's been so hot. Also-how can I tell if she is overheated? I kept feeling her skin today and she was nice and cool....but will she feel hot if she is getting too hot, or will she get fussy, etc?

I  guess any advice would be great :-) I'd love to start enjoying the nice weather a bit-like walks and doing some gardening. (Oh-and early morning when it's cool isn't really an option, usually we are taking a nice nap around that time :-) )


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Re: BR: Being outside

  • Maybe I am crazy, but as long as Jovie can be shaded, I am outside.  I feel like it is unfair for me to keep Ella cooped up, so I just make sure Jovie is comfy and head outside.  I keep her in the shade or shaded by her carseat/stroller canopy.  With all of this heat, I am thinking about getting a small little fan (nothing to really blow on her, but just to cool the air around her, to attach to her carseat.  Most of the time when I take Ella outside to swim I have Jovie in her carseat and she is sleeping.  I have a giant umbrella that I can stick in the ground too, I just haven't found a good place to put it yet.  Jovie actually LOVES it outside and wouldn't fall asleep anywhere but out there this past weekend.  Got over a 4 hour nap from her outside this weekend. 

    I think as long as you have G shaded and she isn't outrageously hot you can take her out.  I would for sure get out for walks, it is cooler in the morning and at night, so if it is too hot, you can at least get out once a day.

  • I have no idea. We had friends who had a baby in June last year and they always took him outside. They just kept him in a onesie or just a diaper and kept him shaded. He did great outside. You could always consult your pedi.


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  • Last year I took C out in all temps.  That includes one day in June when it was close to 100.  He was dressed lightly and we kept him shaded the whole time and he did fine.  While I wouldn't necessarily do that all of the time, I think the upper 80s weather we've been having is fine.
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