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So Dawg pissed off a bird yesterday--but remained blissfully oblivioius

Ancient Membership Combo Breaker

I wish I had her level of oblivion some days :-P

ON the front corner of the house is an ugly bush that is the 'back scratching bush'--as in, Dawg likes to insert herself into the bush and wriggle around to scratch her back/butt. (the entire bush shakes and Dawg just looks happy :-)

She did this yesterday and there was much screaming and a dive-bombing sparrow.

Dawg didn't even notice...but I figured it out and called Dawg over for some scratchign from me and apologized to momma sparrow for a large furry beastie nearly knocking her nest down :-P

Momma sparrow did not look like she forgave me.  And there were no eggs in there at the moment, so I'm guessing she's going to move on to a 'better' nesting place.  Embarrassed

Re: So Dawg pissed off a bird yesterday--but remained blissfully oblivioius

  • Dawg just wanted to scratch! This spring Ace pissed off some buns and some cardinals. Whoops!
  • Yesterday in the back yard, there was something going on in the far corner of it under an errant pile of leaves. My dog watched the pile intently and then tried to lunge at it.

    Nothin' doin'. He was leashed. Who knows what he might have pissed off.

  • Charley got dive bombed this morning and she actually hit his back, which of scared him half to death and he went running for daddy.

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