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So on top of Ruby's weirdness yesterday

Last night she started this thing with her tongue, which is slightly freaking me out. It flicks in and out of her mouth rapidly and it's like she can't stop it, and it looks like she does not like it.
She stayed pretty subdued all day yesterday, never got sick, peed/pooed normally (today and yesterday). Did not eat dinner, and did eat a few treats. This morning, no breakfast, did eat treats, and went for a walk to visit SIL/BIL which she really enjoyed. She did drink some water when we got back from our stroll, but not a lot. I have an ice pack on the couch for her to lay on (wrapped in a towel) and she seems to enjoy it. The temp in the house is around 77*, the AC is on full blast as is the ceiling fan.

Could this lizard tongue be a sign of something? The not eating thing doesn't worry me that much because since it has started getting warmer she has been eating less (normal for her, she lost her winter weight), and I am starting to think she does not like her food. i might try to mix in some scrambled eggs with her dinner tonight, just to see if she will eat it. She took treats with gusto. I feel like I am freaking out about nothing, but then again, her laying through me cooking/and doing dishes is not normal for her. This morning the tongue thing would not stop, and she is not drinking that much-but then again she is not really moving that much. No excessive panting, and her little face was bright-eyed and happy when I went home about two hours ago (I am working today).

What should I be watching out for, and is this tongue thing e-vet worthy?

Re: So on top of Ruby's weirdness yesterday

  • It sounds like Ruby could be nauseous. Can you hear her stomach gurgling or anything like that? At any rate, I hope that she's feeling better soon!
  • image meghan0020:
    It sounds like Ruby could be nauseous. Can you hear her stomach gurgling or anything like that? At any rate, I hope that she's feeling better soon!

    No stomach noises...and when her belly rumbles it's loud.

    Thanks. I hope she does too. IDK if this is me being odd and paranoid, or if she really isn't feeling well. When the tongue thing started I was waiting for the vomit, but she never got sick. Poor Ruby :(

  • Could she be stressed about anything?
  • Stac928Stac928 member

    I agree with Meghan, sounds like she might be nauseous.  I wonder if a bland diet might help.

    A Spring Day on the Katy Trail
  • image meghan0020:
    Could she be stressed about anything?

    Maybe the heat?
    That is what is weird, nothing has changed, I don't think she has gotten into anything recently. The only thing that has been "off" was Saturday we both worked way longer than normal, so she was home alone all day. BIL did go let her out and check on her, but her normal 8 hour max was stretched to 10.5 hours alone. She went to bed way late Saturday night too. My stepson is at our house this weekend, which means less snuggle time with mommy, bc I get relegated to the bedroom unless I want to watch shoot em up cop movies-and this is Harry Potter weekend, meaning there are much better things to watch than stupid movies.

    We shall try the scrambled eggs for dinner, with a little food and see how that goes.

  • You'll have to let us know how dinner goes. Roxy would lick (like you're describing) when she was nauseous and my sister's dog does it when she is stressed, to explain my guesses. Hopefully it's nothing and Ruby gobbles up dinner and is feeling great soon!
  • Ruby ate her dinner of scrambled eggs and dog food like a champ. She has been drinking too. A little of the tongue issue but much less and she has really perked up. I was just on the phone and she was barking away (she is so well behaved). Even h just said to her you sure are feeling better aren't you? Looks like I was being paranoid but I will be keeping a close eye on her. My little stinky girl always creating drama. I think I need to find a new food for her she is extremely uninterested in this one which sucks because she has done really well on it
  • Yay for Ruby! I'm glad to hear that she's feeling better and acting normal. What food is she currently eating?
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