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How long does paint stay good?

We've been living in our house for a little over 4 years. The previous owner left behind any extra paint for the rooms she painted before we moved in. We just did some renovating in one of the bedrooms. Think I can use the paint she left behind for touch up work (which is at least 4 years old now, maybe older)? Would I be better off buying new paint in the same color, or do you think I'll just have to repaint the whole room (even though it's just one wall we need to repaint)?

I opened up the paint can and it looks like it's separated/settled, but do you think I can shake it/stir it really well and have it still work?

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Re: How long does paint stay good?

  • You can use it: Take it to a paint store (HD or lowes) and ask them to shake it for you.
    I've used paint older than that and for touch ups it was ok. One thing to keep in mind is the colors may not match perfectly as the one currently on the walls may have faded.
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  • I just used some 5 year-old paint to touch up part of a wall I repaired, and it went on great and matches perfectly. I took it to HD for them to shake, but the guy said they wouldn't put it in the machine because the can was rusty, and they'd already had several rusty cans explode that day! So he just shook it really well by hand, which I guess you could do yourself if the lid is on securely.


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