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It's Friday!!!

I am so relived and excited it is Friday! How was yesterday? Any plans for the 3-day weekend?

Re: It's Friday!!!

  • Yesterday was open house at my school. It went great and it was fun to see my students are families in a more relaxed environment. This weekend I hope to do a lot of painting (again), cleaning, and organizing. We have DH's moms birthday on Sunday, so we are heading down for a BBQ and to visit my Grandma.
  • I am very glad it's Friday. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow! Tonight dh and I are going to go and walk laps around the mall. Tomorrow we don't have any plans. I want to go some where or do something but I just don't know what. Sunday- church and a friends sons birthday. Monday - probably BBQ. 
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  • OH Friday I have missed you!

    Yay for three day weekends.

    Last night I did a little shopping.  Getting stuff for my sister's baby shower.  Then went home and watched a little tv and went to bed.

    Tonight the kids and I may head to Disneyland.  The rest of the weekend we have no plans.  Which is going to be really nice.  We may head to my grandma's house on Monday but I'm not totally sure yet. 

  • SOOOO happy it's Friday!! Last night the guy came to repair our washer-it needs a part that of course no one has. So it will be another 1-2 weeks before we have a working washer Tongue Tied After dinner w/my folks and sister. Today my parents are picking up the kids and taking them till Sun. Dh&I have no plans except to lounge, relax, have a nice date night in Old Town Temecule and enjoy each others company Wink I also want to do a practice run of Isabels bday cake and finish up the banner. Mon will just be a family day relaxing. Probably BBQ, get out some bubbles, go to the park.
  • Yay Friday!

    Tonight I was invited to sub playing Bunco. We are going to stop at Old Navy on the way to out friends' house because clearance is an extra 50% off!!

     Tomorrow no plans, I might try to convince A to go to the Farmer's Market in Riverside.

    Sunday - hopefully church, BBQ at the ILs, and then 2 of my SILs and 2 of their frieds are going to play model for me! These girls LOVE having their picture taken :)

    Monday, no plans, probably get some use out of our pool.

  • Full weekends all around! :) Enjoy your weekends everybody!

    Today = work, then Sea World!!! They're doing a special preview of the new dolphin show (kinda like cirque de soleil from what I've seen!) for season pass holders- so I'll be crutching around the park, lol! Other than that, probably do some cleaning this weekend- the house is sad... then finally go get my book club book and hopefully finish it this weekend!

    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
  • Kat - Have a fun date weekend ;)

    Becki - Thanks for reminding me of the ON sale!

    Lena - Have fun at Sea World

    This weekend we have loads and loads of cleaning to do around the house. We've slacked off a bit since we got back from Hawaii and I hate the mess that has become our house. 

    Tonight will probably be nothing exciting

    Tomorrow we're getting together with H's best man whos in town and some other friends. Guess there is a fight on?

    Sunday SIL & BIL are having a bbq but not sure if we're going yet or not

    Monday ILs are having a bbq so we'll be heading there

  • I am so glad Friday's here!  It's been quite the day and I can't wait for the weekend to start.

    Mom arrived this morning and today is Sarah's last day at Kindercare which is really upsetting me...she won't understand why she's not going back and she's really going to miss her friends.  Hopefully I'll find a job sooner rather than later and get her back into school. 

    Just errands to run this weekend then hopefully we can make it to a BBQ on Sunday with friends. 

    Hopefully everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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  • So happy it's Friday!  H has a four-day weekend, and I have been feeling mega tired lately.  It'll be nice to have him around the house. 

    Had a prenatal today and decided to have a "fun" ultrasound later this afternoon.  We're hoping to find out the sex of the baby.  We were going to wait until my MW ordered the big ultrasound, but it's going to be another 3 weeks, and I'm getting impatient.  We did a couple of extra ultrasounds with Charlie, so I figure this baby deserves at least one. :)

    I'm planning on taking it easy this weekend.  There were white blood cells in my pee (sorry for the TMI) at my appt, and my pulse was high.  Last time that happened I got sick.  Don't want that to happen again. :( 

  • Everyone sounds like they have a good weekend planned. I have my nephew and niece's dual birthday party on sat and then we are heading to Mureitta for my BFF's BBQ on sunday and monday I believe we will try to relax from our busy weekend.

    Going to do lab work today I have a Dr. Appt on tuesday so we will see how that goes. She is going to let me know the results of my most recent ultra sound and let me know if my cysts are any smaller and I can start the clomid. I am excited that I have finally got a tentative ok to start it. It is better then before when she told me NO! wish me luck and I will keep an update going...Thanks and have a great weekend girlies!

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