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BR: 100 calories a day...

I swear Ella survives on 100 calories a day or less! Okay maybe I am exaggerating but GOSH she is just so picky these days and hardly eating ANYTHING! I have to think some of it might have to do with the heat but the other part is just her being so darn picky. She has eaten no dinner for the past week. Tonight it was one piece of diced pineapple. Awesome. I know some of the rest of you have picky kiddos out there and will feel my pain :)
~Melissa and Jeff- July 7, 2007



Re: BR: 100 calories a day...

  • ::Raises hand::

    Reese has her 15 month appt next month and I'm scared for her weight check because I'm pretty sure she hasn't gained anything in the last 3 months.  Tonight was the first night she ate anything for dinner in almost 2 weeks.  She had one chicken nugget and one mandarin orange.  Awesome.  Thank God she's a big milk drinker, otherwise, I don't thing she would get any calories!!

  • I have always had a picky eater...seriously, getting one meal in her was a struggle!  Now she eats enough...well at least more than she used to.  At that age I just always had something available to her.  She was more likely to pick at something if I set it out for her and let her eat at her leisure than when we sat down for meals.  I do feel your pain though.
  • I  have a very picky eater on my hands too.   When we took him in for his 18 month appt he hadn't gained very much weight from his 15 month but the Dr said he was still staying on his growth curve so she wasn't worried at all.  I have noticed lately he is at least TRYING some new foods.  He still will spit them out but he at least will try to put them into his mouth.  At least you know you aren't alone.  I hope they eventually grow out of it though because it is frustrating some days.
  • Maya is the same way and it seems to be worse lately, so I am wondering if it has something to do with the heat.  Yesterday when I picked her up from daycare her teacher told me she ate nothing that was served all day.  She didn't want her playing outside in the afternoon without a single bite to eat, so she snuck her a few graham crackers.  Tonight we got her favorite meal and she didn't even eat that.  I finally got a few apple slices with peanut butter in her before bed, so at least she got something tonight.

    I have no worries about her weight, since she's close to 40 pounds, but I do worry about nutrition in general.  You're definitely not alone!


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