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BR: Tricycle purchase

When did you buy your toddler a tricycle?  G is going on 22 months.  Thought it would make a good b-day gift, but am I waiting too long?  He gets on the neighbors from time to time.  At our house though, he is always driving his John Deere tractor and wagon or pushing his mowere.

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Re: BR: Tricycle purchase

  • Gretta got one for her 2nd birthday from my parents.  The Radio Flyer one where a parent can push and steer it for a while and then that part can be removed.  I don't think waiting until 2 is too long, but then again G hasn't quite got the hang of it. Actually, i think she could do it - but her legs aren't long enough to reach the pedals.
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  • Katen got one for her first birthday from family. (two of them actually)  Unfortunately she's standard height and her little legs are not long enough to peddal either one of them even still at 2 1/2. I don't think you're waiting too long. She just figured out how to coordinate pedaling in the last 6 mos or so.
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  • Thanks for the input!  G can only ride the neighbor's going down their driveway. WinkKMart has a couple of Radio Flyers on sale this week so thought it might be a good time to b-day shop. 
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  • We went straight to the smallest bicycle we could find with training wheels, but my 2 year old is the size of a 4 year old.  We actually had to raise her seat already!

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  • Cohen got one for his second b-day, but has only started riding it recently (and not that well). In hindsight, I wish we'd gotten one with the handle in the back that can be pushed by an adult.

    Happy mom to two sweet, silly boys: Cohen age 4, AJ age 2.
  • We have the same one that All-His talked about and we love it.   B loves "riding" it.  It is nice because since he can't reach the pedals he just sits and holds on as we push him.   It will be nice once he is able to ride it himself that we can take that back handle off. 
  • Ella got the Radio Flyer tricycle with the adjustable seat on it for her 2nd birthday. She can really motor around on it now with the seat in the front position and my Ella is cursed with her mom and dad's short legs.
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