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thank you's after an interview

what is the etiquette of writing thank you's after an interview... can i send an email or should it be a handwritten thank you?  my handwriting is terrible.  thanks ladies!

Re: thank you's after an interview

  • 1,000%, handwritten note.
  • I agree with the handwritte note, however if it's an internal interview and you know the person, i think that an email is acceptable.

    when i was managing and recruiting, i found emails to be acceptable/appreciated.

  • When I've hired interns, it didn't matter whether the thank you note was emailed or handwritten. Yes, handwritten is more personal and thoughtful, but it was never the make-or-break factor in who we've hired. What matters more is how it's written (sincere, timely, customized, and free from spelling & grammar errors).

    The big downside with hand written notes is that - unfortunately for the interviewee - snail mail takes FOREVER to reach the recipient in the company I work for. One time the hiring decision had been made before the note reached me.

    Good luck!

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  • EJPintEJPint member
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    I work in HR - IMHO, I think email is more effective.  You can show your enthusiasm for the position, remind me of some key things you bring to the table, and tell me what you took away from the interview.  Your handwritten note may be personal and classy, but it will probably get to me long after an offer has gone out. 

    If you do choose handwritten, stay away from fussy "thinking of you" type cards.  Nothing will change my mind faster than receiving a purple card embellished with ribbon.  Invest in some classic, quality cards, monogrammed or similar. 

    You could do both - a quick email follow up to be timely, and a card to follow in the mail.  Either way, know that for most people/companies it's not a dealbreaker (or maker) to receive a thank you, but it might just put you over the edge if it's a close call.   

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  • I was a HR Generalist and more often than not, the thank you was emailed SO, I'd say, interoffice a handwritten than you to set yourself apart and make sure that it's not a basic thank you. Be sure to mention how excited you are to hear more about  the position or how interested you were to learn something they told you. That adds a personal touch. I do agree that the thank you isn't want makes or breaks the interview though.
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