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BR: i have a cold...

(sorry for my typing skills...holding g while i nest) last night i was all achy and this morning i woke up with a runny nose/sore throat. while bfing can i take normal cold  meds? i'm so worried ill get g sick...what can i do to prevent that or will she most likely get sick bc i am? jeff is out of pto until june-took all that when g was born- so having him come home to help so im not getting her sick isnt really an option.

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Re: BR: i have a cold...

  • Not sure about meds, but I'd call the methodist lactation consultants for advice.  Some can lower supply so you have to be careful, I know that much!  And the good news is that since you're BFing, she's getting some antibodies (is that the right word...?) from you!
  • No, you really can't. Sudafed is supposed to be safe but it will dry up your supply. With your supply being so new and fragile, I wouldn't risk it. When I had a bad sinus infection, all I could do was use a netti pot and eventually antibiotics.

    Your BM will provide antibodies to your cold for G so BFing is actually even more important now that you're sick.

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  • I had a bad cold when Aubrey was like a month old.. I made the mistake of taking Sudafed because its "safe" for the baby.. it didn't hurt my supply but it kept her up ALL night..I think there must be some sort of stimulant in it. I ended up doing Vicks vaporub on my neck when I went to bed (they make a Baby Vicks if you are worried about G inhaling the fumes) and just toughing it out.. I hope you feel better soon!
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  • I got a couple of colds B's first year while nursing him and while it was frustrating it worked out for the better.  Like Mrs. Reem said your BM is giving G antibodies so most likely she will not catch it from you.  Since I never took anything for my colds they seemed to last twice as long as they usually would but B never got sick.  I hope you start feeling better soon though because it is never fun when you don't feel well. 
  • If it gets really bad, I found out from that you can take Sudafed PE, but NOT regular Sudafed.  It didn't affect my supply, at least that I could pinpoint to the drugs and not just me being sick.  I only took it when I felt so miserable I couldn't stand it, and to try to prevent getting a sinus infection (which I'm prone to).  Otherwise, ditto everyone else, most good cold meds dry you up, from your nose to your boobs.


    Feel better!


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  • The Neti Pot got me through a terrible sinus infection--I highly suggest getting one if you don't have one already. Neena never got sick when I was sick, breastfeeding kept her healthy! :-)
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