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When one has long hair, what really can you do with it?

I am at a complete loss with what to do with my hair!  It hasn't been this long since I was 4...not joking...I didn't even have the patience to grow it this long for my own wedding.  I am keeping it long until after my friends wedding in August though, but it needs some help.  What types of cuts or other things can you do to long hair to make it cuter?  I am a pony tail lady right now and i am really sad because with the length and weight of my hair my natural curl is practically gone and I have crazy wave going on instead.  Any suggestions from you ladies with long hair?

edit: I can't do too much for color either, anything too light looks horrible and washed out on me...I am a pale person with really dark hair and blue eyes, weird, I know!  If I do dye my hair I usually go burgandy or red!

Re: When one has long hair, what really can you do with it?

  • I love bobby pins! I put my sides up and do tons with bobby pins. Do you diffuse dry your hair? I diffuse my hair with a blow dryer and that helps a ton with the curl and keeping it less frizzy.

    I love long hair! I'll come over and do it for you! :)

  • I think my hubby likes long hair, but hates that I hide it a pony all day!  It is all I know how to do!  If I had someone to do my hair everyday I would be in heaven...I never was much of a girly girl that liked doing hair or ever having long hair.  I just don't know what to do with it!
  • I just wear mine in kind of a low, twisty bun all the time.  I have to keep my hair long b/c it is so thick it is out of control when short.  Adam prefers my hair up, which is nice b/c it is so much easier that way.  When I do wear it down, I either flat iron it or bring out (and tame) my waves w/ a curling iron.
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  • My hair is very similar. I have one of these image


    I love it because it can make my hair have full bodied curls without the frizz so I can wear it down. Its quick styling too. I also second MrsScottBrady on the diffuser for tighter curls but mine are always still really uneven so I end up using a curling iron to get it to even it out so it looks right to me. This takes too much time for my regime so unless I have some free time on my hands I don't do that much anymore.  But truthfully, 95% of the time its in a ponytail for the same reasons you mentioned.

  • I think the pp's gave a lot of good advice!  I had really long hair when I had Alex but cut like 12+ inches off when he was about 3 months b/c I just couldn't handle it and I never had time to style it or anything.  I'm trying to grow it back out now and I hate this in-between stage!  If you can commit to styling it a little everyday maybe think about getting more layers put in and some long (swoopy) bangs in the front?
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  • It sounds like we have the same hair.  Mine has natural curl but since it hangs all the way to my butt and is super thick almost all of the curly gets pulled out into a slight wave.  To keep it in and maintenance free I get a wave perm every other year.  It keeps the gentle curl in the hair even with the length and all I have to do is towel dry it and throw mousse in it in the morning and it's good to go all day. 

    ETA: After I have the mousse in, I do use a diffuser to dry it and "set" the curl.  I forgot all about that step but it still takes less than 10 minutes and looks really nice.

    Other things I do with it, a side braid/plait, bun, down with a "bump" in the front kept up with bobby pins, french braid, that's about it.  I'm really not good at the whole hair styling thing.

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  • My hair is so incredibly boring right now.  I've been letting my bangs and the length grow out, so it's been in that awkward in between stage for quite a while.  I really liked my hair when I had a shorter, inverted cut but I decided to grow it out one more time and maybe donate it.  I pretty much just flat iron mine every day and when I feel like it, I pull the top up with bobby pins.  I've noticed some breaking when I do that though, so I'm not doing it as often.  I really need a change but I don't know what to do. 

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