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BR: Fear?

Does anyone know if sixteen months is a common time for toddlers to develop a strong sense of fear? Over the past week or so Ella has turned into a scardey cat! Tonight she has been deathly afraid of the thunder and comes running and buries her head in my shoulder. She has also started being terrified of bugs for some strange reason and even gets rattled sometimes when our dog barks! Is this a normal thing?
~Melissa and Jeff- July 7, 2007



Re: BR: Fear?

  • Gretta is BIG time fearful right now of random things (nothing she should be, unfortunately, like falling from heights).  She will often scream "big trucks!" or "airplane!" when she hears a loud noise and come running towards me to hold her.  She also is afraid of "yucky rocks" in her bed, it will wake her up at night even. I have no clue where this fear came from.  The big trucks is weird too b/c she likes them when we drive around, she is just like afraid they will get her in the house I guess.  The thunder was also a big issue tonight.

    I don't have an answer to your question except G is the same way. She didn't start it until she was about 21 months or so, but I am sure like everything else there are different stages for each child.  I am having trouble knowing how to deal effectively with it.  Adam tried the invisible spray approach to get rid of the yucky rocks in her bed, but I worry that is just enforcing it by validating her fear that they exist in the first place.

    Let's hope they out grow it soon!

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  • Well I am glad to hear I am not the only one! It all started out of nowhere which just surprised me! She has also started SCREAMING when we put her to bed which she has never done. She used to just sit and play quietly until she went to sleep and now she just sobs. It breaks my heart. I am wondering if fear is playing into that also? As they say I am sure this too will pass...:)
    ~Melissa and Jeff- July 7, 2007


  • I have a scardy cat with a VERY vivid imagination!  I have never seen a kid come up with as many scenarios in her head as she does.  It is a little crazy, but I have learned to manange it and although she still freaks out at things, we talk about everything and I explain how it is not scary or how it is good and she feels a little better.  She now sleeps in her own bed every night after spraying her closet for monsters :-)  Maybe just try explaining things that she is scared of in a positive light and that might make it better!

    ex: Ella is TERRIFIED of spiders (well, any kind of bug, even ants) but, when I explained that spiders eat the pesky mosquitos that can bite our skin, she feels a TON better and she talks about them getting the "pesky 'squitos" every time we see one.

  • I could have written this!! All of a sudden Grant is afraid of loud noises! When we vacuum either I or dh has to sit with him. Plus he freaked the other morning when I was drying my hair! Poor buddy.
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