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Happy Tuesday!

How was your night?  What do you have planned for tonight?

Re: Happy Tuesday!

  • Bah you beat me to the post! Smile

    Thanks to some awesome nesties, I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday and over the weekend. 

    Last night I left work early and dropped off my car to get fixed at the collision center. After H picked me up from the collision center, we made some dinner and took D to the park. We tried to watch the LOST finale but only got through about an hour of it before we both were too tired to watch anymore. 

    Not much planned for tonight other than finishing the finale of LOST.

  • Yesterday was my birthday, went out to dinner and not much else. Had a party over the weekend (turned 30!) so most of the hoopla was on Saturday. Today I have an appt at the midwife this afternoon and then a birthing class. 2 more months to baby today! Her guess date is July 25, so close....
  • Good morning :0) Happy late Bday Ann I thought about you yesterday :0)
    It was our one year anniversary and I remembered how you worked and you said had it been your 30th probably not but your 29th you'd do :0)
    Yesterday was great we slept in went to lunch then spent the rest of the day at Glen Ivy (it was awesome we loved it!) then we had dinner at Farm Artisan (they catered our wedding) and finnished it with cake from Martha Greens (they made our wedding cake) Big Smile
  • Noush - Glad you are feeling better!  Yay for awesome nesties!

    Ann - Happy belated b-day

    sv - Glad you enjoyed your anniversary

    Last night I went grocery shopping and then came home and watched 24 and the bachelorette.

    Tonight I'm heading to my grandma's for dinner then home for American Idol

  • Yesterday dh came home! Yay!

    We went grocery shopping. I made chips and guac. Yummm. After dinner, I started feeling pain in my right side. It felt like it did when I have had kidney stones in the past. Dh was all concerned and I wasn't at all (which is sad, but kidney stones is nothing new). I think maybe Ivy was pushing on my kidney and I probably have a little stone. So in those cases, it's just best to try and sleep. I woke up around 10 and it wasn't hurting anymore so that's good.

    Tonight, dh is going to grill some steak that we got yesterday. We will probably spend the rest of the evening relaxing.

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  • Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Hope you a great 30th.

    Had a house guest over the weekend so by the time I got home yesterday I just felt completely exhausted. Feeling kind of drained so I cheated and made a pot roast in my new covered baker I got from pampred chef...LOVE IT! By the way. Then went to sleep. I am at work now but kind of feel crappy soI think I may go home early and climb into bed. I am no fun today....

  • I tutored after school and then came home. We took the dog on a walk for an hour (we are dog sitting for a few weeks) and then watched some TV. Nothing too much.

    Happy belated birthday!

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