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Info on Fort Smith AR

Hi Ladies,

 My husband works for Fedex, and we're looking at a possible job opening in Fort Smith AR.  Can you guys tell me a little about the city?  Do you enjoy living in Fort Smith?  Are the people friendly?  We're NEWLY weds, both 28.  We aren't big partiers and don't need clubs but love breweries and good restaurants.  No kids (yet).  I'd love any information that you guys can provide.



Re: Info on Fort Smith AR

  • Hi!  My dh is from Ft. Smith.  He moved in 97 to go to college, but his parents are still there and he travels there quite often to see them.  Its a nice town.  The downtown area is growing and getting better.  I am honestly not that familar with it.  We did get married there, but if you have any specific questions, let me know and I will do my best to find out for you.  I was there this past weekend to see the in-laws.  There is a mall, not the best, but for the area it is decent.  There are other big towns that aren't to far away to visit as well, such as Fayetteville or Tulsa, Ok.  I hope this has helped a little.
  • Def helped a little.  We just aren't familiar with the area at all.  We currently live in Tampa FL...  So we're used to a bigger city and I think a smaller town might be nice. 
  • There are roughly 80,000 people that live there, so its not all that small town. 
  • It's a nice little historic place with the good sides of town and the not so good sides of town.  I went there last weekend for a wedding and I had forgotten how cute it was. You'll love it.  Lots of nearby lakes, etc  and other fun things.

    Pepper, the not so wonder pup
  • Hi! I have lived in the Ft. Smith area all my life (30+ years). The area has some good resturants,but there aren't any breweries (to my knowledge). The historic downtown is awesome and has many great places to see.  About a hour north of Ft.Smith is Fayetteville.  Fayetteville is the home of the University of Arkansas and is an overall great town to visit (don't miss Dickson Street).  I hope this helps a little....if you have anymore questions, I would love to help!
  • We ll

    I can t tell you alot about fort smith but my dad s been all over the state, He s big in banking here in arkansas area , centennial is the name of his bank and the has some great friends there , I hear great things about it  I do nt  leave to far I m in conway and I have my own business, and my new hubby works at the local virco planet-they make school chairs , but you sound alot like us be the only club we really go to is the local vfw, bcause there not alot to do unless you go to little rock which we do sometimes , but conway has a alot great places to eat , My fav is Mikes place , which is know for there seafood and steaks he s got the best soft shell crab dish I ever had   I really hope you check out mikes he s the in the state and he also has a great wine meau , if your into that  Hope I helped out alittle

  • I live in FS (my profile thing is old) and would love to tell you more about it, I sent you a PM with my email info
  • The city is nice.  We lived in Fayetteville for a while and it's about an hour or so from Fort Smith.  The people in that area are very friendly and there are so many things up in that area to do.  There are some really good wine cellars around the area and there are some micro breweries I know of in Fayetteville.  

    Have you moved yet?  

    I hope you have found everything if you have moved.  


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